Shared-Data Overlay Network (SON)

SON applications

Download SON applications from the SmartTools INRIA GForge

P2PRec: A Social-Based Peer-to-Peer Recommendation system

P2P Rec, a recommendation service for P2P content sharing systems, is developped with SON

P2Prec web-interface

Chat application

Chat Screenshot

Chat is a component that can connect to other chats. There is a GWT web interface for controlling the chat components.

You can download the already configured platform with Equinox, SON, Chat example and the documentation : Chat Application

You can also download Chat without SON and Equinox : Chat alone (1 MB)

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Geo-referenced service application : transport

Transport Manager Screenshot

Transport is an application of geo-referenced service application organize on peer-to-peer overlay network. The arrival of a new customer, but also the adding of a new supplier is facilitated by the architecture based on Service-Oriented Architecture approach and Peer-to-Peer Ovelay organization. A service provider is registered some services which are identified by a zone, a point or a path on Google Map. A customer can search a service at nearby itself by clicking on its Google Map.

You can download the already configured platform with Equinox, SON, A [Fleche] version of Transport application and the documentation : Download and short presentation

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