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I'm a member of the MIMOSAresearch team (Reactive Systems, Semantics, Language, Migration).

MIMOSA is a joint team :

Thesis subject: Use of reactive approach in distributed simulation.
PhD supervisor : Frederic BOUSSINOT.

My research interests involve (not exclusively) reactive programming (models, implementations, and applications), object-oriented languages (Java) and distributed simulations.

I began my thesis working on the european IST-PINGproject (PING means Platform of Interactive Networked Game). This project intends to specify, develop and demonstrate a flexible and scalable architecture for large-scale interactive multi-participant applications (games) on the Internet. In this project, my work was to redefine the Icobjs framework. The Icobjs is a means to create visually and dynamicaly reactive behaviors in an easy manner. The goal of this redefinition was:

Currently, I work on a new local version of Icobjs (local means that it is not for distributed simulation yet).

For more details on me, you can find my resume (only in french for the moment) here.

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