CASSIE: Curve and Surface Sketching in Immersive Environments
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CASSIE: Curve and Surface Sketching in Immersive Environments

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) - 2021
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We present CASSIE, a conceptual modeling system in VR that leverages freehand mid-air sketching, and a novel 3D optimization framework to create connected curve network armatures, predictively surfaced using patches with C0 continuity. Our system provides a judicious balance of interactivity and automation, providing a homogeneous 3D drawing interface for a mix of freehand curves, curve networks, and surface patches. Our system encourages and aids users in drawing consistent networks of curves, easing the transition from freehand ideation to concept modeling. A comprehensive user study with professional designers as well as amateurs (N=12), and a diverse gallery of 3D models, show our armature and patch functionality to offer a user experience and expressivity on par with freehand ideation, while creating sophisticated concept models for downstream applications.

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Acknowledgements and Funding

We thank our study participants for their time and effort, and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments. This work was supported by ERC Starting Grant D3 (ERC-2016-STG 714221), NSERC Discovery Grant 480538, and by software and research donations from Adobe.

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