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Month 36
Workpackage 1.1 - Generic Implementation of the Construction of Lower Envelopes of Planar Curves
ECG-TR-361110-01.pdf - Report about minimum enclosing ellipsoids
Workpackage 1.2
ECG-TR-361200-01.pdf - An Empirical Comparison of Software for Constructing Arrangements of Curved Arcs (preliminary version) - benchmarks - EXACUS: Efficient and Exact Algorithms for Curves and Surfaces - code - CGAL-based Implementation of the Voronoi Diagrams of Spheres - code - Testbed implementations of exact and approximate algorithms - code
Workpackage 2.1 - Prototype package including the implementations for 3-dimensional objects according to the list of identified problems - code
Workpackage 2.2
Workpackage 3.1 - Classroom Examples of Robustness Problems in Geometric Computations - Improved separation bounds for the diamond operator - Common Subexpression Search in LEDA_reals -- a study of the diamond-operator - A Fast Root Checking Algorithm - The LEDA class real number -- extended version - code - Effects of a Modular Filter on Geometric Applications
Workpackage 3.2
ECG-TR-363208-01.pdf.gz - Improved Implementation of Controlled Perturbation for Arrangements of Spheres
Workpackage 4.1 - Isotopic Approximation of Implicit Curves and Surfaces - Meshing Skin Surfaces with Certified Topology - Prototype Implementation of Medial Axis and Voronoi Diagram for Sampled Objects in Space - code
Workpackage 4.2
ECG-TR-364209-01.pdf - Robust Surface Reconstruction - Finding Planar Regions in a Terrain -- in Practice and with a Guarantee
Workpackage 4.3 - Two implementations for meshing implicit surfaces - code

Month 30
Workpackage 1.2 - Moebius Diagram in 2D - Code
ECG-TR-301211-01.pdf - Prototype implementation of approximate minimum enclosing ellipsoids - Code
Workpackage 2.1 - On convertion methods between different representations of surfaces - Prototype package for 3D implicit quadrics - Code
Workpackage 2.2 - Towards a CGAL-like kernel for curves - Code - Experimenting with the Curved Kernel - Comparison of fourth-degree algebraic numbers and applications to geometric predicates - Code
Workpackage 4.1
ECG-TR-304100-01.pdf - Isotropic Remeshing of Surfaces: a Local Parameterization Approach - An effective condition for sampling surfaces with guarantees - Surface_in_triangulation_3 CGAL Extension Package - Code
Workpackage 4.3 - Prototype of a visualiser for implicit surfaces - Code

Month 24
Workpackage 1.1
ECG-TR-241100-01.pdf - The smallest enclosing ball of balls: combinatorial structure and algorithms - Boolean Operations on 3D Selective Nef Complexes: Data Structure, Algorithms, and Implementation - Complexity of the Delaunay Triangulation of Points on Surfaces : the Smooth Case - Report on 2D Minkowski Sums of Curved Objects - the expected number of 3d visibility events is linear - Computing the Fréchet Distance between Piecewise Smooth Curves
Workpackage 1.2 - The Voronoi Diagram of Convex Objects in the Plane- Code for circles to be released in CGAL-3.0 - CGAL - Based implementation of visibility complexes-Code - Approximating the Minkowski Sums of Planar Regions Bounded by Curves: Implementation Report-Code - Cgal Based Implementation of Arrangements of Conic Arcs-CGAL Code
Workpackage 2.1 - On the Representations of 3D surfaces - Computing robustly the intersection of two algebraically defined surfaces
Workpackage 2.2 - Methods to compare real roots of polynomials of small degree - Jacobi Curves: Computing the Exact Topology of Arrangements of Non-Singular Algebraic Curves - Different methods to compare real roots of polynomials of degree 2 and their extensions to degree 4 - Predicates for the Sweeping of an Arrangement of Quadrics in 3D
Workpackage 3.1 - Recent Progress in Exact Geometric Computation - Common Subexpression Search in LEDA_reals - On filters for predicates on curved objects - The Diamond Operator for Real Algebraic Numbers
Workpackage 3.2 - Controlled Perturbation for Arrangements of Circles
Workpackage 4.1
ECG-TR-244104-01.pdf - Provably Good Surface Sampling and Approximation
ECG-TR-244104-02.pdf - Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing - Meshing Implicit Surfaces with Certified Topology - CGAL-based package for the approximation of curves-Code - First Prototype Implementation of Chew's Algorithm for Curved Surfaces -Code
Workpackage 4.2 - Estimating Differential Quantities Using Polynomial Fitting of Osculating Jets
ECG-TR-244204-01.pdf - Reconstructing Surfaces that Exhibit Sharp Features - Curve Reconstruction from Noisy Samples
ECG-TR-244206-01.pdf - Prototype implementation of an algorithm that exhibits sharp features-Code
ECG-TR-244207-01.pdf - Prototype implementation of a surface reconstruction algorithm based on the flow complex-Code
ECG-TR-244208-02.pdf.gz - A geometric convection approach of 3-D reconstruction
Workpackage 4.3 - Simple and Output-Sensitive Construction of Contour Trees Using Monotone Paths - Approximation by skin surfaces - Triangulating skin surfaces - Computing Contour Generators of Evolving Implicit Surfaces

Month 18
Workpackage 1.1 - On the combinatorial complexity of Euclidean Voronoi cells and convex hulls of d-dimensional spheres - Speeding Up the Incremental Construction of the Union of Geometric Objects in Practice
Workpackage 1.2
ECG-TR-121202-01.pdf - CGAL-based implementation of smallest enclosing ball of balls - Prototype Code for Decomposition Methods for Three-Dimensional Arrangements - The ConiX Library -- A Kernel for Conic Arrangements with Prototype Implementations - Demos - Exact Construction of Minkowski Sums of Polygons and a Disc with Application to Motion Planning
Workpackage 2.1 - Algebraic methods for dealing with 3D implicit quadrics
Workpackage 2.2 - Sweeping Arrangements of Cubic Segments Exactly and Efficiently - First Prototype of a CGAL Geometric Kernel with Circular Arcs - Code
Workpackage 4.1 - A Survey of Methods for Approximating Curves - Approximation of the medial axis
ECG-TR-184100-01.pdf.gz (!! 12 Mo) - Isotropic Surface Remeshing - Restricted Delaunay triangulations, normal cycle, and principal curvatures
Workpackage 4.3 - Optimal System of Loops on an Orientable Surface

Month 12
Workpackage 1.1 - Improved Construction of Vertical Decompositions of Three-Dimensional Arrangements - A sum of squares theorem for visibility complexes and applications
ECG-TR-121103-01.pdf - Dynamic Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams in 2D
Workpackage 1.2
ECG-TR-121201-01.pdf - Prototype Implementation of the Planar Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram - Demos - High-Level Filtering for Arrangements of Conic Arcs - Code: Arrangements of CGAL and Arr_conic_traits_2.h , Conic_arc_2.h
Workpackage 2.1 - Finite Precision Elementary Geometric Constructions - Overview of geometric operations for curves and surfaces - An introduction to algebraic and geometric methods for solving polynomial equations - Algebraic methods for numerical solving - An environment for Symbolic and Numeric Computation - Code - On the complexity of isolating real roots and computing with certainty the topological degree - A Computational Basis for Conic Arcs and Boolean Operations on Conic Polygons - Prototype implementation for the computation of intersection points and critical points on planar curves - Demos - Computing a 3-dimensional Cell in an Arrangement of Quadrics: Exactly and Actually!
Workpackage 2.2 - Predicates for the Planar Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram
Workpackage 3.1 - A Remark on the Sign Variation Method for Real Root Isolation - A Separation Bound for Real Algebraic Expressions - Efficient Exact Geometric Predicates for Delaunay Triangulations - Structural Filtering -- A Paradigm for Efficient and Exact Geometric Programs - An improved implementation of LEDA reals - Code
Workpackage 3.2 - Sparse Resultant Perturbations - A survey of symbolic perturbation techniques
Workpackage 4.1 - A linear bound on the Complexity of the Delaunay Triangulation of Points on Polyhedral Surfaces
ECG-TR-124102-01.pdf.gz (! 13Mo) - Efficient surface remeshing by error diffusion - On the angular defect of triangulations and the pointwise approximation of curvatures - Apparent contours of implicit surfaces - Conforming Delaunay Triangulations in 3D
Workpackage 4.2 - Greedy Delaunay Based Surface Reconstruction Algorithm
ECG-TR-124203-01.pdf - Surface reconstruction based on a dynamical system
ECG-TR-124203-02.pdf - Max diagrams a datastructure for surface reconstruction: Theoretical foundations in two dimensions I
ECG-TR-124203-03.pdf - Max diagrams a datastructure for surface reconstruction: Theoretical foundations in two dimensions II - Smooth-Surface Reconstruction in Near-Linear Time
Workpackage 4.3 - Tutte's Barycentric Method applied to Isotopies - Computing a Canonical Polygonal Schema of an Orientable Triangulated Surface - A coordinate system associated with points scattered on a surface - Approximation by skin curves

Month 6          - Smallest Enclosing Ball of Balls

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