Prototype package including the implementations for 3-dimensional objects according to the list of identified problems.

In this report, we describe two works related to problems on curved objects,
that we have identified as important. The first one is the computation of
the topology of 3d implicit curves or surfaces. We propose a new methods,
which reduces the problem to the comparison of coordinates of special points on
the surface. We sketch the method, show some implementation details and some
preliminary experiments on algebraic surfaces with singularities.
The second  problem is related to the computation of bisectors of algebraic
curves and surfaces. We analyze the degree of the resulting curve or surface
and give some experiments, based on an implementation in the computer algebra
package maple.

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Laurent BuséGregory Gatellier , Bernard Mourrain, Olivier Ruatta, Jean-Pierre Técourt.

This work is partially supported by the IST Programme of the EU as a Shared-cost RTD (FET Open) Project under Contract No IST-2000-26473 (ECG - Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces)
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