Prototype package for 3D implicit quadrics

We propose a framework for  dealing with quadric surfaces and
more generally with 3D implicit surfaces. Intersection and topology methods
are currently implemented in this framework. The implementation is done in

We are interested in robustly computing the intersection of three 3D implicit
quadrics and computing the topology of the intersection of two 3D implicit

The present work is a first step towards a package for 3D implicit quadrics,
providing tools for computing their arrangements, analyzing their
configuration. It also aims at dealing with more general surfaces, since
many of the tools that we have developed can be extended easily to higher
degree surfaces.

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Source code (ECG Members only)

Gregory Gatellier , Abder Labrouzy , Bernard Mourrain

This work is partially supported by the IST Programme of the EU as a Shared-cost RTD (FET Open) Project under Contract No IST-2000-26473 (ECG - Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces)
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