ProActive and GCM Tutorial and Hands-On Grid Programming

Tuesday November 28th, 2006.
Second day of the GRIDs@Work week.
See also the Third ProActive User Group

Conseil Regional
We will be broadcasting the conference live!
Presentation slides are here
Alexandre di Costanzo
Christian Delbé, Virginie Legrand, Matthieu Morel, Mario Leyton, Clement Mathieu
Ian Stokes-Rees, Wasseim Al Zouabi, Fabien Viale, Vladimir Bodnartchouk, Paul Naoumenko, Guillaume Chazarain, Jean-Michael Legait, Arnaud Contes, Viet Dung Doan

Present the ProActive middleware through a morning tutorial, followed by an afternoon session of interactive testing (different tracks will be held at the same time). This will be performed through light conceptual slides presentations, and demonstrations. At the end of the day, participants should be able to develop, to deploy, and to test ProActive applications.

This Tutorial will also present in depth the ProActive implementation of the GCM (Grid Component Model), being defined as a standard for Grid component programming within the two EU projects: CoreGrid and GridCOMP.

The features to be covered include:

  • Active Objects
  • Group communications
  • Components
  • Deployment
  • File Transfer
  • ssh and Security
  • Fault-Tolerance
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Web Service
  • IC2D GUI and Eclipse Plugins

Participants will have the freedom to chose the features and the applications most significant to them, potentially their application to be solved on the GRID. The number of tutors ensures that each participant will benefit from a personnal guidance. Full beginners as well as users with a first ProActive experience are welcome.

The tutorial attendees should bring a laptop for actually programming and deploying.
We will probably illustrate concepts with the following examples

PI computing

Bring your laptops

The 2006 Tutorial Agenda

9:00 Welcome
9.15-12:00 Tutorial presentation
Basic ProActive functionalities through an example :
computing decimals of PI.
  • ProActive introduction
  • Demo: ProActive and IC2D
  • The ProActive architecture based on a Meta-Object Protocol (MOP)
  • Programming and deploying with the ProActive Library
  • Component based programming
  • Demo: ProActive File Transfer
  • Demo: ProActive P2P Desktop Grid infrastructure
  • Demo: ProActive interoperability with Web-Services
  • Demo: ProActive Fault-Tolerance Demo with the n-body application
12:00 -13:00 Install party ( ProActive, Java, Cygwin/ssh): documentation
13:00-14:00 Lunch break on site
14:00-18:00 Pratice session:
Any questions on ProActive are welcome.
18:00 End of tutorial

The Tutorial in Videos: Get an overview of the 2005 Tutorial!

All is here.

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