1st Grid PlugTest 18th-20th October 2004

Schedule of the event

Monday 18th October: Proactive User Group

The first day is dedicated to provide an overview of the ProActive platform for the Grid, get feedback from users and discuss the future developments.

Researchers and engineers interested in grid computing and willing to get an overview of programming techniques for the Grids are welcome to register.

First day agenda:



9.15 Welcome
Karl-Heinz Rosenbrock, ETSI DG and P. R. Guillemin, ETSI Plugtests

Session 1: "Basic Programming Features"

9.30 "ProActive Overview", D. Caromel, UNSA
10.00 "Group Communications, and OO SPMD", L.Baduel, UNSA
10.30 "Mobility", F.Huet, UNSA

Coffee break


Session 2: "Composing and deploying"

11.30 "Components and Legacy Code", M. Morel, INRIA
12.00 "Deployment, Interactive Tools, and Web Services", R.Quilici, UNSA
12.30 "Security", A.Contes, INRIA

Lunch on site


Session 3: "User presentations"

14.30 "Distributed agent based simulations with ProActive", Luc Girardin, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Macrofocus Zurich, Switzerland
15.00 "A ProActive based Architecture and Application for the management of Electrical Networks", E.Zimeo. RCOST, Italy

"Computational Electromagnetism on the Grid: a ProActive time domain finite volume solver for 3D Maxwell Equations" - S. Lanteri, CERMICS/INRIA/UNSA

16.00 "Distributed BLAST with ProActive", Santosh Anand, Richard Christen, Claude Pasquier Virtual Biology lab., Institute of Signaling, Developmental Biology and Cancer, Nice

Coffee break

17.00- 17.30

Session 3: "User presentations" (continue)


"Evaluation of ProActive and other middlewares
for a Data Driven Environement for Multiphysics Applications"
John G. Michopoulos, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory,
Washington DC, USA


Session 4: "Perspectives"


Discussions, Open Mic. Q&A:
- Upcoming features: Web Services, C# .Net interop, HTTP, SSH Tunneling
- On-going works: Fault Tolerance, P2P, OSGi, Load Balancing, Model Checking
- Release plans
- User Needs and Priorities
- Live demo: "JECS: Steering and Visualization of 3D numerical simulations on the Grid", Said El kasmi, CERMICS/INRIA/UNSA


Panel: "Stateful vs. Stateless Web Services for the Grid: how to get both scalability and interoperability?"
Denis Caromel, UNSA
Tony Kay, SUN Microsystems
Jean-Pierre Prost, IBM EMEA Grid Computing
Vladimir Getov, University of Westminster
Marco Danelutto, University of Pisa
Christophe Ney, ObjectWeb

19.00-21.00 Cocktail

Tuesday 19th October: Interoperability tests & Proactive N-Queens Grid Contest

The second day is dedicated to testing the deployment of ProActive applications on various Grids, using various standard protocols (ssh, Globus, WSRF-OGSA, Web Services, Jini, LSF, PBS, rsh, rlogin, etc.

Participants can have at least three motivations for being active in this Plugtests:

  • provide a ProActive Grid application and try to deploy it on as many protocols and Grids as possible;

  • provide access to a given Grid in order to test its usability and interoperability with others;

  • participate to a Hands-On programming session where a step-by-step
    guided-tour of Grid programming with ProActive will be offered.

One of the goals of this second day might also be to take a standard test case, and deploy it on as many machines as possible.

B R I N G   Y O U R   L A P T O P!

Wednesday 20th October: Free style interoperability Plugtests session

The third day the participants will share the development and the deployment of ProActive applications in a free style session with the support of ProActive experts. 


Free style interoperability session


"NTU Research Activities and N-Queens findings", Yuh-Pyng (Arping) Shieh, NTU National Taiwan University

11.30-12.00 Prize-winners celebration
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-18.00 Free style interoperability session

Feel free to send any suggestions to ProActive support 2001 Inria Sophia Antipolis