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The anyone-can-contribute resource page for the Ambient calculi

(Dear moderator, don't hesitate to correct any
grammatical mistakes below, my English is poor.)

Dear colleagues,

(For the impatient, try
http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/AmbientCalculiOnline , and
pay attention to the head and bottom of the page.)

Resource pages composed by volunteers can always help others
find pointers on the Internet easily.  Examples are: 
 - Resources for programming language research by Mark Leone.
 - Calculi for Mobile Processes page by Nestmann and
Victor. (http://lampwww.epfl.ch/mobility/)

As a major drawback, those pages are usually maintained by
only one or a few people.  Their time is limited, and their
interests may change over time. As a result, mistakes are
prone, links get broken now and then. 

I have been trying to be another such page composer for the
ambient calculus. But soon, I feel it time-consuming.
Fortunately, I find Wiki. Wiki is a general term for a kind
of collaboration tool on the Web.  People can set up pages
on Wiki servers. But the most interesting thing is that
ANYONE can edit/append/delete the content of such pages.
It seems that many problems can happen with so much
freedom, but the Wiki philosophy managed to survive and 
attract more people with the freedom it provides. So I moved
my ambient calculus page to one of such Wiki servers -
http://www.wikipedia.com - which tries to build a
Wiki-based encyclopedia.  Currently on that page, there are
more than 40 online papers listed, with authors' homepages
provide seperately.  Unlike other resource pages, you can
correct mistakes / add entries to the page through the
"edit this page right now!" link provided at the top/bottom
of the page. Remember, every page on a Wiki server has such

The URL is:

Modifications and comments are welcome.

Some final remarks.
- Just take it as a normal page first.
- It is some what easy to get lost in a Wiki server, so
please use the Back button to find your way back / or open
page in new window. 
- Visit http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Wikipedia_FAQ for common
questions and answers. 
- And, be bold in editing and HELP CORRECT MY MISTAKES!

Happy Wikiing!

Xudong Guan [¹ÜÐñ¶«], PhD candidate
Email: guan-xd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx / xdguan@xxxxxxx
Distributed Computing Technology Center
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Shanghai, P.R.China 

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