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Migration and Mobility: Semantics and Applications
-- Team

Head of project team:Staff members CMA:
Gérard Boudol (Research Director, Inria)Frédéric Boussinot (Research Director, CMA)

Vice-head of project team:Reserch scientists (external):
Ilaria Castellani (Research Scientist, Inria)Roberto Amadio (Professor, University of Paris 7)

Administrative assistant:Ph. D. students:
Anais Cassino (Inria)Gustavo Petri (IP Mobius)

Zhengqin Luo (MENRT)
Staff members Inria:Florian Loitsch (MENRT)
Manuel Serrano (Research Director, Inria)
Tamara Rezk (Research Scientist, Inria)Software development staff:

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