Yves Papegay

Senior researcher in the HEPHAISTOS robotics team,
I am working on Wired Parallel Robots and Service Robotics.
Mathematician and computer scientist,
I am expert on Modelling and Simulation, Symbolic Computation and Interval Analysis tools and methods.
Former high-school mathematics teacher,
I am deeply involved in scientific mediation, didactic activities and educational materials.
Entrepreneurship enthousiast,
I recently spent a year at INRIA Start-up Studio, everyday focusing on the development of my last transfer project, LOCANAC.

  • K107 - Kahn building - Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée Research Center
  • +33 492 38 76 99
  • Yves.Papegay@inria.fr


Featured publications

  • "Exact kinematics analysis of car’s suspension mechanisms using symbolic computation and interval analysis".
    Mechanism and Machine Theory. 2005.
    Y.Papegay, J-P.Merlet, et D.Daney.
  • "Interval methods for certification of the kinematic calibration of parallel robots".
    Proc. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2004.
    D.Daney, Y.Papegay, et A.Neumaier.



A Mathematica Library for C code symbolic representation and C code generation. It has been transferred to Wolfram Research Inc. in 2008 and is included in a slightly different version in the recent distribution of the Wolfram Language


A modelling and simulation software platform based on symbolic description of aircrafts models, providing numerical code generation and documentation generation for Airbus aircrafts and flight simulators.

Les larmes du Prince

A large scenic device including a wire-driven parallel robots to mimic 3D printing with granular materials, part of a live modern art project. See presentation at "Atelier Culture-INRIA 2019" (pdf).

Robots for education

Development of various pedagogical materiel, based on robots, for teaching mathematics, physics, algorithmic and control at an high school level.