Yves Papegay

Senior researcher in the HEPHAISTOS robotics team,
I am working on Wired Parallel Robots and Service Robotics.
Mathematician and computer scientist,
I am expert on Modeling and Simulation, Symbolic Computation and Interval Analysis tools and methods.
Former high-school mathematics teacher,
I am deeply involved in scientific mediation, didactic activities and educational materials.

  • K107 - Kahn building - Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée Research Center
  • +33 492 38 76 99
  • Yves.Papegay@inria.fr


Featured publications

  • "Exact kinematics analysis of car’s suspension mechanisms using symbolic computation and interval analysis".
    Mechanism and Machine Theory. 2005.
    Y.Papegay, J-P.Merlet, et D.Daney.
  • "Interval methods for certification of the kinematic calibration of parallel robots".
    Proc. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2004.
    D.Daney, Y.Papegay, et A.Neumaier.



A modelling and simulation software platform based on symbolic description of aircrafts models, providing numerical code generation and documentation generation for Airbus aircrafts and flight simulators.


A virtual reality based rehabilitation station concept, modular and flexible in both hardware and software, to contribute to the functional modeling of locomotion pathologies and to develop new exercises.

Les larmes du Prince

A large scenic device including a wire-driven parallel robots to mimic 3D printing with granular materials, part of a live modern art project.

Robots for education

Development of various pedagogical materiel, based on robots, for teching mathematics, physics, algorithmics and control at an high school level.