[std-interval] More on interval computations as proofs

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Gaby: thanks for the warning.  However, we would like to take seriously the comments of those who need a flag in their usage of intervals.  We have gone over the alternative and discussed many possible resolutions (their pros and cons).  We obviously will have to be careful in phrasing our proposal that it has value without a flag.  We could also leave the issue to be implementation-dependent while only documenting some possible behavior (in the discussion section not proposed wording) (letting some impl. choose to throw an exception and others to raise a flag) but its a pity to introduce non-portability.  It would however sidestep the problem of phrasing the flag (only impl. that support multi-threading would be able to document the flag appropriately - leaving this proposed standard unaffected by the issue). I guess we've heard all the arguments and it will be time to get to work for the three of us.  Thanks,

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Dr John Pryce <j.d.pryce at ntlworld.com> writes:

| All
| There seems a consensus, and so far no sharp opposition, that we
| should implement the DISCONT flag as a global, thread-local flag and
| accept the limitations on optimization that this entails, as per
| Sylvain's posting:

I disagree with the global flag suggestion and will seriously raise
that issue within the C++ LWG.  I would really like the proposal to
take the objection seriously.  

I had a chance, yesterday, to talk  bit about this issue with my
colleagues here -- also involved in the C++ standardization -- and the
reaction was unanimous.  

-- Gaby
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