[std-interval] More on interval computations as proofs

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at integrable-solutions.net
Sat Oct 7 21:32:56 PDT 2006

Dr John Pryce <j.d.pryce at ntlworld.com> writes:

| All
| There seems a consensus, and so far no sharp opposition, that we
| should implement the DISCONT flag as a global, thread-local flag and
| accept the limitations on optimization that this entails, as per
| Sylvain's posting:

I disagree with the global flag suggestion and will seriously raise
that issue within the C++ LWG.  I would really like the proposal to
take the objection seriously.  

I had a chance, yesterday, to talk  bit about this issue with my
colleagues here -- also involved in the C++ standardization -- and the
reaction was unanimous.  

-- Gaby

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