[std-interval] More on interval computations as proofs

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at integrable-solutions.net
Sun Oct 8 03:13:35 PDT 2006

"Herve Bronnimann" <hervebronnimann at mac.com> writes:

| Gaby: thanks for the warning.  However, we would like to take
| seriously the comments of those who need a flag in their usage of
| intervals.

I understand the need for a way to test whether some operations have
succeeded.  It is the specific proposed implementation that is
"un-C++".  As you observed, except the part of C library included
by reference, I cannot see any other component of the C++ standard
library that uses global flags.


| I guess we've heard all the arguments and it will be time to get to
| work for the three of us.

Indeed :-)

The fundamental objection to the global flag, is less multithread
issue than a composition issue as I have pointed out earlier.

-- Gaby

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