Stephen Wornom

  • Tandem cylinders - Q-criteria
  • Square cylinder - Re= 22000
  • Tandem cylinders - Re= 100K
  • Tandem cylinders pressure wave


    Organization: INRIA
    Research Unit: Sophia Antipolis
    Project: ECUADOR
    Phone: +33 4 92 38 50 54
    Fax: +33 4 92 38 79 80

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    Ohio State University Reports/Journal articles

    NASA Reports/Journal articles

    INRIA Reports/Journal articles

  • A numerical method for large-eddy simulation on unstructured grids
    Salvetti M.-V., Camarri, Dervieux A, Koobus B., Wornom S., Ouvrard H., Wornom S, Proceedings of Modern Techniques for Solving Partial Differential Equations, Bruxelles , June 2008.

  • Nonlinear V6 schemes for compressible flow
    Koobus B., Wornom S., Camarri S., Salvetti M.-V., Dervieux A, INRIA Research Report RR-6433, April 2008.

  • Computation of complex unsteady flows around bluff-bodies through VMS-LES modeling
    Ouvrard H., Wornom S., Koobus, B., Salvetti M.-V., Camarri S., and Dervieux A, West-East High Speed Flow Field Conference, Nov. 2007, Moscow, Russia.

  • Parallel simulation of three-dimensional flows: application to turbulent wakes and two-phase compressible flows
    Koobus, B., Camarri, S., Salvetti, M. V., Wornom, S., and Dervieux A., Advances in Engineering Software,38, 328-337, 2006.

  • A study of LES models for the simulation of a turbulent flow around a truss spar geometry
    Sirnivas, S., Wornom, S., Dervieux, A., Koobus, B., and Allain, O.,Proceedings of OMAE'06Offshore and Arctic Engineering, OMAE2006-92355, June, 2006, Hamburg, Germany.

  • Dynamic Load balancing and CFD Simulations on the MecaGRID and GRID5000
    Stephen Wornom, INRIA Research Report RR-5884, April 2006.

  • Numerical simulation of a jet in crossflow. Application to GRID computing
    Simone Camarri, Vanessa Salvetti, Maria Vittoria, Bruno Koobus, Alain Dervieux, Hervé Guillard, and Stephen Wornom, INRIA Research Report RR-5638, July 2005.

  • Seven-equation, two-phase flow three-dimensional calculations using a Mixed-Element-Volume method
    S. Wornom, B. Koobus, H. Guillard,. A. Murrone, and A. Dervieux, INRIA Research Report RR-5560, April 2005.

  • An AERO code designed for GRID computations
    Stephen Wornom, INRIA Technical Report RT-0303, March 2005.

  • Parallel computations of one-phase and two-phase flows using the MecaGRID
    Stephen Wornom, INRIA Technical Report RT-0297, August 2004.

  • Grid5000 Reports/Journal articles

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