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Scheduling Task and Communications for Datacenters


TD MIAGE 1 2016/2017

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I am currently a researcher of the COATI team, a joint project-team between the research center of Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée and the I3S laboratory which itself belongs to the CNRS and the University Nice - Sophia Antipolis (UNS). Last millenium I somewhat managed to obtain a Master in Computer Science from ENS Lyon (a place full of Madmen) and UCBL, that was probably around 1991. Later, just when the world looked west and when the trend was to "Go West" I instead moved Southward toward Antipolis and Nikaia where I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from UNS in 1996. I did then a post-doc at Delft technical University (Netherland, Johannes Vermeer home and cyclers paradise) in the team of Geert Jan Olsder (both a mathematician and a great ice-skater). I studied there Tropical Algebra and Dynamic Systems. I then got a position as Chargé de recherche in the CNRS at the University of Nice. Much later, I somewhat reluctanly defended my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), a French diploma that suggests that the recipicient should be able to direct others fellows researches. Since September 2010, I am Directeur de Recherche in the CNRS at the I3S laboratory but our team resides at the Inria Sophia Antipolis. I was a member of the joint project-team Mascotte between INRIA and the I3S laboratory(CNRS/UNS) till December 2012. In January 2013, we started the new joint project-team COATI.


My research is about designing algorithms and optimisation methods to solve practical problems mainly motivated by telecommunication networks. I try to understand what makes aproblems difficult to solve or not (approximability, structural complexity, classes of graphs), to propose and design exact or approximated methods to solve them (exponential algorithm, fixed parameter algorithms, Mixted Integer Linear Programming ...). To that aim I use various algorithmic methods (graph decomposition, dynamic programning, randomization, etc.), Graph Theory, and mathematical proramming (MILP, convex problems). I'am also interested in dynamic stochastic systems and use tools from the field of performance evaluation (Markov Chains, Queing Systems, Random Processes, Fluid Models). I also enjoy looking at purely theoretical problems from Graph Theory and I try to understand Two Player strategic games.

Some slides of a talk about algorithms for counting and generating random items that I gave during the Jcalm 15. I still have to revise them and I will release notes later on. It was partially inspired by anonymous notes from (probably) a school on the topic. Those note can still be found on Michel Goemmans page
I Attended the Grasta Meeting in Cargese, nice spot and nce problems (thanks again to Nicolas for organizing it)