Samir M. Perlaza | ENS Research Course | INFO5147 | Academic Year 2020-21

INFO5147: Selected Topics in Information Theory

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS de Lyon)
Computer Science Department
Master 2 – 2020/2021

Course Description

The course ‘‘Advanced Topics in Information Theory’’ at the Computer Science Department at ENS de Lyon opens for the fall semester 2020. This course is taught by Samir M. Perlaza and Jean-Marie Gorce. It explores connections between information theory and other fields in data sciences and mathematics to tackle some selected topics including Concentration Inequalities, Detection and Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Data Compression, Data Transmission, and Decision-Making.


  • Jean-Marie Gorce (INSA de Lyon)

  • Samir M. Perlaza


  • Weekly homeworks (65 %)

  • In-class work (10 %) – In the form of oral questions.

  • Final Exam (25 %