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    68 références pour: 2016


    Abbasnejad G., Yoon J., and Lee H.
    Optimum kinematic design of a planar cable-driven parallel robot with wrench-closure gait trajectory.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 99:1-18, Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,modular robot,optimal design,applications.

    Agarwal A., Nasa C., and Bandyopadhyay S.
    Dynamic singularity avoidance for parallel manipulator using a task-priority based control scheme.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, pages 107-126, 2016.
    Keywords: planar robot,singularity,control.

    Balchanowski J.
    General method of structural synthesis of parallel mechanisms.
    Archive of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 10, 2016.
    Keywords: structural synthesis,planar robot.

    Berti A., Merlet J-P., and Carricato M.
    Solving the direct geometrico-static problem of underconstrained cable-driven parallel robots by interval analysis.
    Int. J. of Robotics Research, 35(6):723-739, 2016.
    Keywords: kinematics,wire robot.

    Bihari B. and others .
    A geometric approach for the workspace analysis of two symmetrical planar parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(4):738-763, Avril 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,workspace.

    Bohigas O., Manubens M., and Ros L.
    Planning wrench-feasible motions for cable-driven hexapods.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(2):442-451, Avril 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,trajectory planning.

    Borchert G. and Raatz A.
    A new method for combining handling systems with passive orientation devices.
    CIRP Annals, 65(1):49-52, 2016.
    Keywords: applications.

    Bounab B.
    Multi-objective optimal design based kineto-elastostatic performance for the delta parallel mechanism.
    Robotica, 34(2):258-273, Février 2016
    Keywords: optimal design,stiffness,3 dof robot.

    Briot S.
    Contribution à la maîtrise de la dynamique des robot parallèles, 8 Janvier 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université de Nantes.
    Keywords: kinematics,design,dynamics.

    Bu W.
    Closeness to singularities of robotic manipulators measure by characteristic angles.
    Robotica, 34:2105-2115, 2016.
    Keywords: singularity.

    Chouabi Y. and others .
    Analytical modeling and analysis of the clearance induced orientation error of the RAF translational parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(8):1898-1921, Août 2016
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,accuracy,clearance.

    Daney D.
    De l'amélioration des performances des robots manipulateurs, 20 Juin 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université de Nice.
    Keywords: calibration.

    Dong Y., Gao F., and Yue Y.
    Modeling and experimental study of a novel 3-RPR parallel micro-manipulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 37:115-124, Février 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,micro robot.

    Duan X. and others .
    On the mechatronic servo bandwidth of a Stewart platform for active vibration isolating in a super antenna.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 40:66-77, Août 2016
    Keywords: vibration,dynamics.

    Eden J. and others .
    Available acceleration set for the study of motion capabilities for cable-driven robots.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 105:320-336, 2016.
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,control.

    Filipovic M., Djuria A., and Kevac LJ.
    The rigid S-type cable-suspended parallel robot design, modeling and analysis.
    Robotica, 34(9):1948-1960, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,3 dof robot,dynamics.

    Fortin-Côté A., Cardou P., and Campeau-Lecours A.
    Improving cable driven parallel robot accuracy through angular position sensors.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), pages 4350-4355, Daejeon, 9-14 Octobre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,uncertainties,forward kinematics with redundant sensors.

    Gagliardini L., Gouttefarde M., and Caro S.
    Determination of a dynamic feasible workspace for cable-driven parallel robot.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,workspace.

    Gagliardini L., Gouttefarde M., and Caro S.
    Discrete reconfiguration planning of cable-driven parallel robots.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2016.
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,workspace,mechanical architecture,modular robot.

    Gagliardini L.
    Discrete reconfiguration of cable-driven parallel robots.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, 19 Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,workspace,mechanical architecture,modular robot.

    Geng R-R., Mills J.K., and Yao Z-Y.
    Design and analysis of a novel 3-dof spatial parallel micromanipulator driven by LUMs.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 42:147-159, 2016.
    Keywords: ,micro robot.

    Gosselin C. and Schreiber L-T.
    Kinematically redundant spatial parallel mechanisms for singularity avoidance and large orientational workspace.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(2):286-300, Avril 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,mechanical architecture,6 dof robot,workspace.

    Gouttefarde M.
    Analysis and synthesis of large-dimension cable-driven parallel robots, 21 Novembre 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université Montpellier.
    Keywords: wire robot.

    Guo K. and others .
    A monolithic adjusting mechanism for optical element using a modified 6-PSS parallel mechanism.
    Sensors and Actuators A, 251:1-9, 2016.
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,applications,micro robot.

    Guo S. and others .
    A serial of novel four degrees of freedom parallel mechanisms with large rotational workspace.
    Robotica, 34(4):764-776, Avril 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,mechanical architecture.

    Hao R., Wang J., Zhao J., and Wang S.
    Observer-based robust control of 6-dof parallel electrical manipulator with fast friction estimation.
    IEEE Trans. on Automation Science and Engineering, 13(3):1399-1408, Juillet 2016
    Keywords: control,dynamics.

    Jha R.
    Contributions to the performance analysis of parallel robots.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, Juillet 2016
    Keywords: singularity.

    Jiang X. and Gosselin C.
    Dynamic point-to-point planning of a three-dof cable-suspended parallel robot.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(6):1550-1557, Décembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,3 dof robot,trajectory planning.

    Kaloorazi M.H.E., Masouleh M.T., and Caro S.
    Determining the maximal singularity-free circle or sphere of parallel mechanisms using interval analysis.
    Robotica, 34(1):135-149, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: workspace,singularity.

    Kirchgessner N. and others .
    The ETH field phenotyping platform FIP: a cable-suspended multi-sensor system.
    Functional Plant Biology, 44:154-168, 2016.
    Keywords: wire robot,applications.

    Kong X. and Jin Y.
    Type synthesis of 3-DOF multi-mode translational/spherical parallel mechanisms with lockable joints.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96:323-333, Février 2016
    Keywords: structural synthesis,3 dof robot,modular robot.

    Kong X.
    Reconfiguration analysis of a 4-DOF 3-RER parallel manipulator with equilateral triangular base and moving platform.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:180-189, Avril 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,singularity.

    Lau D., Eden J., Tan Y., and Oetomo D.
    CASPR: A comprehensive cable-robot analysis and simulation platform for the research of cable-driven parallel robots.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), pages 3004-3011, Daejeon, 9-14 Octobre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,simulation.

    Lee P-C. and Lee J-J.
    On the kinematics of a new parallel mechanism with Schonflies motion.
    Robotica, 34(9):2056-2070, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,mechanical architecture.

    Liu Y. and others .
    Determination of the maximal singularity-free zone of 4-RRR redundant parallel manipulator and its application on investigating length ratio of links.
    Robotica, 34(9):2039-2055, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,redundant robot,singularity,workspace.

    Liu Z. and others .
    Dimensional optimization of the Stewart platform based on inertial decoupling characteristics.
    Robotica, 34(5):1151-1167, Mai 2016
    Keywords: dynamics,vibration,optimal design.

    Lu Y. and Dai Z.
    Dynamic model of redundant hybrid manipulator connected in series by three or more different parallel manipulators with linear active legs.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 103:222-235, 2016.
    Keywords: redundant robot,hybrid robot,truss.

    Meng Q. and others .
    Adaptive vector sliding mode fault-tolerant control of the uncertain Stewart platform based on position measurement only.
    Robotica, 34(6):1297-1320, Juin 2016
    Keywords: control.

    Merlet J-P.
    On the workspace of suspended cable-driven parallel robots.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Stockholm, 16-20 Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Merlet J-P.
    Cable-driven parallel robots and their extension to other domains.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Stockholm, 16-20 Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot.

    Merlet J-P.
    A new generic approach for the inverse kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with 6 deformable cables.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/hephaistos/PDF/merlet_ark2016.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,inverse kinematics.

    Merlet J-P.
    Preliminaries of a new approach for the direct kinematics of suspended cable-driven parallel robot with deformable cables.
    In Eucomes, Nantes, 20-23 Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics.

    Merlet J-P.
    A generic numerical continuation scheme for solving the direct kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with deformable cables.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Daejeon, 9-14 Octobre 2016

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/hephaistos/PDF/merlet_iros2016.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics.

    Moosavian A. and Xi F.
    Modular design of parallel robots with static redundancy.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96:26-37, 2016.
    Keywords: redundant robot,statics,mechanical architecture.

    Natal G.S., Chemori A., and Pierrot F.
    Nonlinear control of parallel manipulators for very high accelerations without velocity measurement: stability analysis and experiments on par2 parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(1):43-70, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: control,2 dof robot,dynamics.

    Nurahmi L. and others .
    Reconfiguration analysis of a 4-RUU parallel manipulator.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96:269-289, Février 2016
    Keywords: mobility,singularity.

    Özdemir M.
    Singularity-consistent payload locations for parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 97:171-189, Mars 2016
    Keywords: singularity,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Palpacelli M.
    Static performance improvement of an industrial robot by means of a cable-driven redundantly actuated system.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 38:1-8, 2016.
    Keywords: wire robot,hybrid robot,statics.

    Pickard J.K., Carretero J.A., and Merlet J-P.
    Accounting for tolerances in the design parameters of the $3\underline{R}rr$.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016
    Keywords: accuracy.

    Rakhodaei h. and others .
    Path planning of the hybrid parallel robot for ankle rehabilitation.
    Robotica, 34(1):175-184, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: applications,hybrid robot.

    Reveles R D., Pamanes G J.A., and Wenger P.
    Trajectory planning of kinematically redundant parallel manipulators by using multiple working modes.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:216-230, Avril 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,trajectory planning,planar robot.

    Rolland L. and Chandra R..
    The forward kinematicsof the 6-6 parallel manipulator using an evolutianory algorithm based ib generalized genertion gap with parent-centric crossover.
    Robotica, 34(1):1-22, 2016.
    Keywords: forward kinematics.

    Schmidt V.L.
    Modeling Techniques and Reliable Real-Time Implementation of Kinematics for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots using Polymer Fiber Cables.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Université Stuttgart, 20 Juin 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,kinematics.

    Schmidt V. and Pott A.
    Increase of position accuracy for cable-driven parallel robots using a model for elongation of plastic fiber ropes.
    In Eucomes, Nantes, 20-23 Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,accuracy.

    Seriani S., Gallina P., and Wedler A.
    A modular cable robot for inspection and light manipulation on celestial bodies.
    Acta Astronautica, 123:145-153, 2016.
    Keywords: wire robot,applications.

    Shahmiri F. and Gentry R.
    A survey of cable-suspended parallel robots and their applications in architecture and construction.
    In XX Congress of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics, Buenos Aires, 9-11 Novembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,applications,state of the art.

    Sharifnia M. and Akbarzadeh A.
    Approximate analytical solution for vibration of a 3-PRP planar parallel robot with flexible moving platform.
    Robotica, 34(1):71-97, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: vibration,planar robot,flexible robot.

    Skopect T., Sika Z., and Valasek M.
    Calibration using adaptive model complexity for parallel and fiber-driven mechanisms.
    Robotica, 34(6):1416-1435, Juin 2016
    Keywords: calibration,wire robot.

    Sun T. and others .
    Kinematic calibration of a 3-dof rotational parallel manipulator using laser tracker.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 41:78-91, 2016.
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,calibration.

    Taherifar A. and others .
    Inverse forward dynamics of N-3RPS maipulator with lockable joints.
    Robotica, 34(6):1383-1402, Juin 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,hybrid robot,hydraulics.

    Tao-Sun G.M. and others .
    Mobility analysis and kinematic synthesis of a novel 4-dof parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(5):1010-1025, Mai 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,mechanical architecture,optimal design.

    Weber X.
    Commande modale de robots parallèles à câbles flexibles.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, 11 Juillet 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,control,vibration.

    Yao J. and others .
    A 3D-printed redundant six components force sensor with eight parallel limbs.
    Sensors and Actuators A, 247:90-97, 2016.
    Keywords: force sensor,redundant robot.

    Zeng Q., Ehmann K.F., and Cao J.
    Design of general kinematropic mechanisms.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 38:67-81, 2016.
    Keywords: structural synthesis.

    Zeng Q., Ehmann K.F., and Cao J.
    Tri-pyramid robot: stiffness modeling of a 3-dof tranlational parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(2):383-402, Février 2016
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,mechanical architecture,stiffness.

    Zhang N. and Shang W.
    Dynamic trajectory planning of a 3-dof under-constrained cable-driven parallel robot.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:21-35, Avril 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Zhang X. and Zhang X.
    A comparative study of planar 3-RRR and 4-RRR mechanisms with joint clearances.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 40:24-33, Août 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,accuracy,performance analysis,dynamics.

    Zhao T-S. and others .
    Stiffness and singularity analysis of foldable parallel mechanisms for ship-based stabilized platform.
    Robotica, 34(4):913-924, Avril 2016
    Keywords: stiffness,singularity.

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