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    42 références pour: 2016


    Abbasnejad G., Yoon J., and Lee H.
    Optimum kinematic design of a planar cable-driven parallel robot with wrench-closure gait trajectory.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 99:1-18, Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,modular robot,optimal design,applications.

    Berti A., Merlet J-P., and Carricato M.
    Solving the direct geometrico-static problem of underconstrained cable-driven parallel robots by interval analysis.
    Int. J. of Robotics Research, 35(6):723-739, 2016.
    Keywords: kinematics,wire robot.

    Bohigas O., Manubens M., and Ros L.
    Planning wrench-feasible motions for cable-driven hexapods.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(2):442-451, Avril 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,trajectory planning.

    Borchert G. and Raatz A.
    A new method for combining handling systems with passive orientation devices.
    CIRP Annals, 65(1):49-52, 2016.
    Keywords: applications.

    Briot S.
    Contribution à la maîtrise de la dynamique des robot parallèles, 8 Janvier 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université de Nantes.
    Keywords: kinematics,design,dynamics.

    Bu W.
    Closeness to singularities of robotic manipulators measure by characteristic angles.
    Robotica, 34:2105-2115, 2016.
    Keywords: singularity.

    Chouabi Y. and others .
    Analytical modeling and analysis of the clearance induced orientation error of the RAF translational parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(8):1898-1921, Août 2016
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,accuracy,clearance.

    Daney D.
    De l'amélioration des performances des robots manipulateurs, 20 Juin 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université de Nice.
    Keywords: calibration.

    Dong Y., Gao F., and Yue Y.
    Modeling and experimental study of a novel 3-RPR parallel micro-manipulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 37:115-124, Février 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,micro robot.

    Duan X. and others .
    On the mechatronic servo bandwidth of a Stewart platform for active vibration isolating in a super antenna.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 40:66-77, Août 2016
    Keywords: vibration,dynamics.

    Filipovic M., Djuria A., and Kevac LJ.
    The rigid S-type cable-suspended parallel robot design, modeling and analysis.
    Robotica, 34(9):1948-1960, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,3 dof robot,dynamics.

    Gagliardini L., Gouttefarde M., and Caro S.
    Determination of a dynamic feasible workspace for cable-driven parallel robot.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,workspace.

    Gagliardini L.
    Discrete reconfiguration of cable-driven parallel robots.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, 19 Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,workspace,mechanical architecture.

    Gosselin C. and Schreiber L-T.
    Kinematically redundant spatial parallel mechanisms for singularity avoidance and large orientational workspace.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(2):286-300, Avril 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,mechanical architecture,6 dof robot,workspace.

    Gouttefarde M.
    Analysis and synthesis of large-dimension cable-driven parallel robots, 21 Novembre 2016
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université Montpellier.
    Keywords: wire robot.

    Hao R., Wang J., Zhao J., and Wang S.
    Observer-based robust control of 6-dof parallel electrical manipulator with fast friction estimation.
    IEEE Trans. on Automation Science and Engineering, 13(3):1399-1408, Juillet 2016
    Keywords: control,dynamics.

    Jha R.
    Contributions to the performance analysis of parallel robots.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, Juillet 2016
    Keywords: singularity.

    Jiang X. and Gosselin C.
    Dynamic point-to-point planning of a three-dof cable-suspended parllel robot.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 32(6):1550-1557, Décembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,3 dof robot,trajectory planning.

    Kaloorazi M.H.E., Masouleh M.T., and Caro S.
    Determining the maximal singularity-free circle or sphere of parallel mechanisms using interval analysis.
    Robotica, 34(1):135-149, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: workspace,singularity.

    Kong X. and Jin Y.
    Type synthesis of 3-DOF multi-mode translational/spherical parallel mechanisms with lockable joints.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96:323-333, Février 2016
    Keywords: structural synthesis,3 dof robot,modular robot.

    Kong X.
    Reconfiguration analysis of a 4-DOF 3-RER parallel manipulator with equilateral triangular base and moving platform.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:180-189, Avril 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,singularity.

    Lee P-C. and Lee J-J.
    On the kinematics of a new parallel mechanism with Schonflies motion.
    Robotica, 34(9):2056-2070, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,mechanical architecture.

    Liu Y. anf others.
    Determination of the maximal singularity-free zone of 4-RRR redundant parallel manipulator and its application on investigating length ratio of links.
    Robotica, 34(9):2039-2055, Septembre 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,redundant robot,singularity,workspace.

    Meng Q. and others .
    Adaptive vector sliding mode fualt-tolerant control of the uncertain Stewart platform based on position measurement only.
    Robotica, 34(6):1297-1320, Juin 2016
    Keywords: control.

    Merlet J-P.
    On the workspace of suspended cable-driven parallel robots.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Stockholm, 16-20 Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Merlet J-P.
    Cable-driven parallel robots and their extension to other domains.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Stockholm, 16-20 Mai 2016
    Keywords: wire robot.

    Merlet J-P.
    A new generic approach for the inverse kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with 6 deformable cables.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,inverse kinematics.

    Merlet J-P.
    Preliminaries of a new approach for the direct kinematics of suspended cable-driven parallel robot with deformable cables.
    In Eucomes, Nantes, 20-23 Septembre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics.

    Merlet J-P.
    A generic numerical continuation scheme for solving the direct kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with deformable cables.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Daejeon, 9-14 Octobre 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics.

    Natal G.S., Chemori A., and Pierrot F.
    Nonlinear control of parallel manipulators for very high accelerations without velocity measurement: stability analysis and experiments on par2 parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 34(1):43-70, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: control,2 dof robot,dynamics.

    Nurahmi L. and others .
    Reconfiguration analysis of a 4-RUU parallel manipulator.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 96:269-289, Février 2016
    Keywords: mobility,singularity.

    Özdemir M.
    Singularity-consistent payload locations for parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 97:171-189, Mars 2016
    Keywords: singularity,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Pickard J.K., Carretero J.A., and Merlet J-P.
    Accounting for tolerances in the design parameters of the $3\underline{R}rr$.
    In ARK, Grasse, 27-30 Juin 2016
    Keywords: accuracy.

    Rakhodaei h. and others .
    Path planning of the hybrid parallel robot for ankle rehabilitation.
    Robotica, 34(1):175-184, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: applications,hybrid robot.

    Reveles R D., Pamanes G J.A., and Wenger P.
    Trajectory planning of kinematically redundant parallel manipulators by using multiple working modes.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:216-230, Avril 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,trajectory planning,planar robot.

    Rolland L. and Chandra R..
    The forward kinematicsof the 6-6 parallel manipulator using an evolutianory algorithm based ib generalized genertion gap with parent-centric crossover.
    Robotica, 34(1):1-22, 2016.
    Keywords: forward kinematics.

    Sharifnia M. and Akbarzadeh A.
    Approximate analytical solution for vibration of a 3-PRP planar parallel robot with flexible moving platform.
    Robotica, 34(1):71-97, Janvier 2016
    Keywords: vibration,planar robot,flexible robot.

    Skopect T., Sika Z., and Valasek M.
    Calibration using adaptive model complexity for parallel and fiber-driven mechanisms.
    Robotica, 34(6):1416-1435, Juin 2016
    Keywords: calibration,wire robot.

    Taherifar A. and others .
    Inverse forward dynamics of N-3RPS maipulator with lockable joints.
    Robotica, 34(6):1383-1402, Juin 2016
    Keywords: redundant robot,hybrid robot,hydraulics.

    Weber X.
    Commande modale de robots parallèles à câbles flexibles.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, 11 Juillet 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,control,vibration.

    Zhang N. and Shang W.
    Dynamic trajectory planning of a 3-dof under-constrained cable-driven parallel robot.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 98:21-35, Avril 2016
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Zhang X. and Zhang X.
    A comparative study of planar 3-RRR and 4-RRR mechanisms with joint clearances.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 40:24-33, Août 2016
    Keywords: planar robot,accuracy,performance analysis,dynamics.

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