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    65 références pour: 2011


    Abbasnejad G., Daniali H.M., and Fathi A.
    Architecture optimization of 4PUS+1PS parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 29(5):683-690, Septembre 2011
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,optimal design.

    Alikhani A. and others .
    Design of a large-scale cable-driven robot with translational motion.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(2):357-366, Avril 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,wire robot,optimal design.

    Altuzarra O. and others .
    A symmetric parallel Schönflies-motion manipulator for pick-and-place operations.
    Robotica, 29(6):853-862, Octobre 2011
    Keywords: 4 dof robot,mechanical architecture.

    Altuzarra O. and others .
    Workspace analysis of positioning discontinuities due to the clearances in parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(5):577-592, Mai 2011
    Keywords: workspace,accuracy,trajectory planning,clearance.

    Al-Widyan K. and Angeles J.
    The robust design of parallel spherical robots.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(3):335-343, Mars 2011
    Keywords: spherical robot,optimal design,3 dof robot,clearance.

    Assal S.F.M.
    Learning multiple solution branches for the direct kinematics of parallel manipulators.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Mechatronics, Istanbul, 13-15 Avril 2011
    Keywords: forward kinematics.

    Bedoustani Y.B. and others .
    Lagrangian dynamics of cable-driven parallel manipulators: a variable mass formulation.
    Trans. CSME, 35(4):529=542, 2011.
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics.

    Bennour S., Harshe M., Romdhane L., and Merlet J-P.
    A robotic application for analysis and control of human motion.
    In 4eme Congrès International Conception et Modélisation des Systèmes Mécaniques CMSM, Sousse, 30 Mai-1 Juin, 2011
    Keywords: applications,wire robot,medical.

    Bennour S., Romdhane L., Merlet J-P., and Harshe M.
    Nouvelle machine robotisée à base d'une plateforme à câbles pour la rééducation fonctionnelle.
    In 20ème Congrés Francais de Mécanique, Besancon, 28 Août-2 Septembre, 2011

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/cfm2011.pdf, Keywords: applications,wire robot,medical.

    Bennour S., Harshe M., Romdhane L., and Merlet J-P.
    A new experimental setup based on a parallel cable robot for analysis and control of human motion.
    Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 14(Supplement 1):83-85, Août 2011

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/bennour_merlet_cmbbe_2011.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,medical,applications.

    Bi Z.M. and Jin Y.
    Kinematic modeling of Exechon parallel kinemat machine.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(1):186-193, Février 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,machine-tool,hybrid robot.

    Borràs J., Thomas F., and Torras C.
    Architectural singularities of a class of pentapods.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(8):1107-1120, Août 2011
    Keywords: singularity,5 dof robot.

    Carricato M. and Merlet J-P.
    Direct geometrico-static problem of under-constrained cable-driven parallel robots with three cables.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 3011-3017, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/coprin/PDF/carricato_merlet_icra2011.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,statics,kinematics.

    Chandra R. and Rolland L.
    On solving th forward kinematics of 3-RPR planar parallel manipulator using hybrid metaheuristics.
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, 217(17):8997-9008, Mai 2011
    Keywords: planar robot,forward kinematics.

    Dallej T. and others .
    Towards vision-based control of cable-driven parallel robots.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), San-Francisco, 25-30 Septembre 2011
    Keywords: control,wire robot.

    Duan X. and others .
    Motion prediction and supervisory control of the macro-micro parallel manipulator system.
    Robotica, 29(7):1005-1015, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: micro-macro robot,control,wire robot.

    Enferadi J. and Tootoonchi A.A.
    Accuracy and stiffness analysis of a 3-RRP spherical parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 29(2):193-200, Mars 2011
    Keywords: spherical robot,wrist,3 dof robot,accuracy,stiffness.

    Gallardo J.
    DeLiA: a new redundant partially decoupled robot.
    Advanced Robotics, 25(9-10):1297-1310, 2011.
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,5 dof robot,redundant robot,decoupled robot.

    Garcia C., Saltaren R., and Aracil R.
    Experiences in the development of a teleoperated parallel robot for aerial line maintenance.
    Robotica, 29(6):873-881, Septembre 2011
    Keywords: applications.

    Gosselin F. and others .
    Specification and design of a new haptic interface for maxillo facial surgery.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 737-744, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: 5 dof robot,hybrid robot,applications,haptic device,medical.

    Gouttefarde M., Daney D., and Merlet J-P.
    Interval-analysis based determination of the wrench-feasible workspace of parallel cable-driven robots.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 27(1):1-13, Février 2011

    http://hal.inria.fr/lirmm-00573491/en, Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Hosseini M.A., Daniali H-R. M., and Taghirad H.D.
    Dexterous workspace optimization of a Tricept parallel manipulator.
    Advanced Robotics, 25(13-14):1697-1712, 2011.
    Keywords: optimal design,3 dof robot,workspace.

    Hu B. and Lu Y.
    Solving stiffness and deformation of a 3-UPU parallel manipulator with one translation and two rotations.
    Robotica, 29(6):815-822, Octobre 2011
    Keywords: statics,stiffness,3 dof robot.

    Hu B. and others .
    Analysis of stiffness and elastic deformation of a 2(SP+SPR+SPU) serial-parallel manipulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(2):418-425, Avril 2011
    Keywords: stiffness,hybrid robot.

    Hu B. and others .
    Solving stiffness and elastic deformation of two limited degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator with a constrained leg based on active constrained wrench.
    Advanced Robotics, 25(9-10):1331-1348, 2011.
    Keywords: stiffness.

    Jiang H-Z. and others .
    Dynamic isotropic design for modified Gough-Stewart platforms lying on a pair of cicular hyperboloids.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(9):1301-1315, Septembre 2011
    Keywords: dynamics,isotropy,6 dof robot.

    Klimchik A.
    Enhanced stiffness modelling of serial and parallel manipulators for robotic-based processing of high performance materials.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Ecole Centrale, Nantes, 27 Octobre 2011
    Keywords: stiffness,machine-tool.

    Lai L. and others .
    Design of a decoupled 2-dof translational parallel micro-positioning stage.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 5070-5075, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: 2 dof robot,piezo-electric,micro robot.

    Lau D., Oetomo D., and Halgamuge S.K.
    Wrench-closure workspace generation for cable driven parallel manipulators using a hybrid analytical-numerical approach.
    ASME J. of Mechanical Design, 133(7):071004-1/9, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Lee C-C. and Hervè J.M.
    Isoconstrained parallel generators of Schoenflies motion.
    J. of Mechanisms and Robotics, 3(2), Mars 2011
    Keywords: structural synthesis,4 dof robot,5 dof robot.

    Lee S. and others .
    Experimental verification of antagonistic stiffness planning for a planar parallel mechanism with 2-dof force redundancy.
    Robotica, 29(4):547-554, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: stiffness,planar robot,redundant robot,2 dof robot.

    Li B. and others .
    Conceptual design and analysis of the 2T1R mechanism for a cooking robot.
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 59(1):74-83, Janvier 2011
    Keywords: applications.

    Li Q. and others .
    Parasitic motion of 3-PRS parallel mechanism with different limb arrangements.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(2):389-396, Avril 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,performance analysis.

    Liang Q. and others .
    Six dof micro manipulator based on compliant parallel mechanism with integrated force sensor.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(1):124-134, Février 2011
    Keywords: micro robot,piezo-electric,force sensor,stiffness.

    Lim W.B. and others .
    A generic force closure algorithm for cable-driven parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(9):1265-1275, Septembre 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Liu H., Huang T., and Chetwynd D.G.
    A method to formulate a dimensionnally homogeneous jacobian of parallel robots.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 27(1):150-156, Février 2011
    Keywords: jacobian.

    Loloei A.Z. and Taghirad H.D.
    Controlable workspace of general cable-driven redundant parallel manipulator based on fundamental wrench.
    In CCToMM Symposium on Mechanisms, Machince and Mechatronics, Montréal, 2-3 Juin 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,control,redundant robot.

    Lubrano E., Bouri M., and Clavel R.
    Ultra-high-precision industrial robots calibration.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 228-233, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: calibration,accuracy,micro robot,3 dof robot.

    Macho E. and others .
    Software tool to compute, analyze and vizualise workspace of parallel kinematics robots.
    Advanced Robotics, 25(6-7):675-698, 2011.
    Keywords: workspace.

    McColl D. and Notash L.
    Workspace formulation of planar wire-actuated parallel manipulators.
    Robotica, 29(4):607-617, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,statics,workspace.

    Merlet J-P. and others .
    Siropa: singularités des robots parallèles.
    In Colloque ANR, Paris, 11-12 Janvier 2011
    Keywords: singularity.

    Notash L.
    A methodology for actuator failure recovery in parallel manipulators.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(4):454-465, Avril 2011
    Keywords: safety,redundant robot.

    Pazmño R.S. and others .
    Experiences and results from designing and developing a 6 dof underwater parallel robot.
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 59(2):101-112, Février 2011
    Keywords: applications.

    Pott P.P. and others .
    Inverse dynamic model and a control application of a novel 6-dof hybrid kinematics manipulator.
    J. of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 63(1):3-23, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: dynamics,hybrid robot,6 dof robot.

    Qu H., Fang Y., and Guo S.
    A new method for isotropic analysis of limited parallel manipulators with terminal constraints.
    Robotica, 29(4):563-569, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,4 dof robot,isotropy.

    Rojas N.. and Thomas F.
    The forward kinematics of a $3-r\underline{P}r$ planar robots: a review and a distance-based formulation.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 27(1):143-156, Février 2011
    Keywords: planar robot,forward kinematics.

    Z-F Shao and others .
    Driving force analysis for the secondary adjustable system in FAST.
    Robotica, 29(6):903-915, Novembre 2011
    Keywords: dynamics,applications.

    Staicu S.
    Dynamics of the 6-6 Stewart parallel manipulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(1):212-220, Février 2011
    Keywords: dynamics.

    Taghirad H.D. and Bedoustani Y.D.
    An analytic-iterative redundancy resolution scheme for cable-driven redundant parallel manipulator.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 27(6):670-676, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: wire robot,micro-macro robot,statics.

    Tale Masouleh M. and others .
    Forward kinematic problem of $5-R\underline{P}UR$ parallel mechanisms (3T2R) with identical limb structure.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(7):945-959, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: forward kinematics,5 dof robot.

    Tang X. and Yao R.
    Dimensional design of the six-cable driven parallel manipulator of FAST.
    ASME J. of Mechanical Design, 133(11):111012-1/11, Novembre 2011
    Keywords: applications,optimal design,wire robot.

    Villgrattner T. and Ulbrich H.
    Design and control of a compact high dynamic camera orientation system.
    IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics, 16(2):221-231, Avril 2011
    Keywords: 2 dof robot,applications,piezo-electric.

    Wang L-P. and others .
    Kinematic calibration of the 3-dof parallel module of a 5 axis hybrid milling machine.
    Robotica, 29(4):535-546, Juillet 2011
    Keywords: calibration,3 dof robot,machine-tool,hybrid robot.

    Wu C. and others .
    New measure for 'closeness' to singularities of parallel robots.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 5135-5140, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: singularity.

    Wu J., Wang J., and You Z.
    A comparison study on the dynamics of planar 3-dof 4-RRR, 3-RRR and 2-RRR parellel manipulators.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(1):150-156, Février 2011
    Keywords: planar robot,dynamics,statics,performance analysis.

    Wu M. and others .
    A cable-driven locomotor training system for restoration of gait in human SCI.
    Gait & Posture, 33(2):256-260, Février 2011
    Keywords: applications,medical,wire robot.

    Yao J. and others .
    Spatially isotropic configuration of Stewart platform-based force sensor.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 46(2):142-155, Février 2011
    Keywords: force sensor.

    Yun Y. and Li Y.
    Optimal design of a 3-PUPU parallel robot with compliant hinges for micromanipulator in a cubic workspace.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 27(6):977-985, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,mechanical architecture,optimal design,micro-macro robot,piezo-electric.

    Zarkandi S.
    A new geometric method for singularity analysis of spherical mechanisms.
    Robotica, 29(7):1083-1092, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: spherical robot,singularity,3 dof robot.

    Zeng Q., Fang Y., and Ehmann K.F.
    Design of a novel 4-dof kinematotropic hybrid parallel manipulator.
    ASME J. of Mechanical Design, 133(12):121006-1/9, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: hybrid robot,4 dof robot.

    Zhang D. and Zhang F.
    Design and analysis of a totally decoupled 3-dof spherical parallel manipultator.
    Robotica, 29(7):1093-1100, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,spherical robot,wrist,decoupled robot.

    Zhang J. and others .
    A 6-dof heavy-load parallel manipulator with RFTA and its application.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 470-475, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: actuators,applications.

    Zhang L. and Song Y.
    Optimal design of the delta robot based on dynamics.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 336-341, Shangai, 9-13 Mai 2011
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,dynamics,optimal design.

    Zhao Y. and Gao F.
    The joint velocity, torques and power capability evaluation of a redundant parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 29(3):483-493, Mai 2011
    Keywords: redundant robot,performance analysis.

    Zhao Y., Liu J.F>, and Huang Z.
    A force analysis of a 3-RPS parallel mechanism by using screw theory.
    Robotica, 29(7):959-965, Décembre 2011
    Keywords: dynamics,statics.

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