Denis TALAY << Un homme tirait au sort toutes ses décisions.
Il ne lui arriva pas  plus de mal qu'aux autres qui réfléchissent. >>
(`` A man has made all his decisions at random. He did not do worse than others who consider carefully their choices.'')
Directeur de Recherche at INRIA Paul Valéry -- Choses Tues -- Oeuvres II, Pléiade, p.505.
Professeur chargé de cours (1998-2011) and associate researcher (2012-) at École Polytechnique

And if he had reflected carefully in addition to random choice, then...?

During my plenary conference
Discretization of stochastic differential equations 
at the City University of Hong Kong:
Conference in E. Pardoux' honor 

(photographed by Bernard Lapeyre) (photographed by Geneviève Foissac)

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