About me

I am a Research and Teaching Assistant (ATER) at Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France. I am also member of the AOSTE project at INRIA-I3S/CNRS. My research interests are the modeling and the formal specification of non-functional properties on real-time systems (Embedded System, SoCs, etc) at a system-level description. To define this level description, I use modeling standards like UML and specific domain standards such as MARTE and SysML to specify the syntax and the structural semantics. Additionally, I employ CCSL, a to define the execution semantics.

In my PhD work, I define a system-level multi-view framework named PRISMSYS to specify and associate the different domains of a system. I represent the syntax and the structural semantics of PRISMSYS in a UML profile by using as much as possible the UML, SysML and MARTE concepts. The execution semantics is specifed in CCSL, a formal declarative language for physical and logical time specification. By using PRISMSYS, I developed a study case where embedded system experts can represent their domains and the association between them. This study case is focused on power consumption.


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