The 1999 Synchronous Workshop

November 29 - December 3, 1999

Organised by Ecole des Mines (CMA) and INRIA

Le Plein Sud, Hyères , France




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Talk proposals

Known talks proposals, 11/11/1999

C. Andre (I3S Sophia)
High-level circuit design using synchronous formalisms

M. Antoniotti (Parades, Roma)
Jester = Java || Esterel

L. Arditi (Texas Instrumentss, Villeneuve-Louvet)
Esterel for modeling and verifying hardware in an industrial design flow

A. Benveniste (IRISA Rennes) with B. Caillaud, JP Talpin, P. LeGuernic:

A. Benveniste (IRISA Rennes) with B. Caillaud, JP Talpin:
From synchronous programming to UML

G. Berry (CMA Sophia)
Jazz, a synchronous language for circuits and 2-adic numbers

L. Besnard (IRISA Rennes)
The Inria synchronous design toolset

A. Bouali (INRIA Sophia), R. de Simone (INRIA Sophia)
Compositional optimization for Esterel

Y. Bres (CMA)
Automata, partial evaluation, and Esterel compiling

J-L. Camus (Verilog)
A certified code generator for SCADE / Lustre

J-L. Colaço (Verilog) and N. Halbwachs (Verimag)
Arrays in Lustre

S. Dissoubray (Simulog)
Esterel Studio

D. Gaffé (I3S Nice)
Symbolic computation of Sgrafcet

N. Halbwachs (Verimag)
Lustre : a language designed by Dummies for Dummies

L. Hazard (CNET France Télécom)
Junior : a package for reactive programming in Java
or (and?) RHUM : a distributed platform for reactive objects

L. Henry-Gréard (CMA and Intel)
Using Esterel for synthesis of an instruction length decoder

L. Holenderski (TUE, Eindhoven)
A simple assert-commit calculus for synchronous networks

H. Hungar (OFFIS)
SSL/SMI as in intermediate format in the translation from Statemate to the input format of a model-checker

P. Le Guernic (IRISA)
Playing with Signal Clocks

E. Nassor (Dassault Aviation)
UML-RT for Esterel, using Rational Rose and Esterel to program avionics applications.

M.A. Peraldi (I3S Nice)
R-PORTS: A distribution platform for real-time control systems on CAN

A. Poigné (GMD)
sE20 - synchronous object-oriented programming, mk II

M. Pouzet (Univ. Paris VI)
Lucid Synchrone, an ML extension of Lustre in Ocmal

C. Puchol (Bell Labs)
To be defined

P. Raymond (Verimag)
Lutin, a trace description language

Y. Rémond (Verimag)
Matou, implementation od mode automata in DC

M. Richard (Mines Nantes)
Esterel examples on DSpace board

N. Maizi, J-P. Marmorat, V. Roy
Implementation of a regulator for a hybrid Photovoltaic/diesel system using Esterel and Matlab

E. Sentovich (Cadence)
Multiclock Esterel

M. Sheeran (Prover Technology)
SAT-based safety property checking

R.K. Shyamasundar (TIFR Bombay)
From message sequence charts to Esterel

J-F. Susini (CMA)
Reactive engines for design of applets

J-P. Talpin
A theory of hierarchic transition systems

The Esterel team would also like to organize a users meeting some time during the workshop. The same could be done by the other language / tool developers if wished.