The 1999 Synchronous Workshop

November 29 - December 3, 1999

Organised by Ecole des Mines (CMA) and INRIA

Le Plein Sud, Hyères , France




Hotel Reservation


Talk proposals

The 1999 Synchronous Workshop is an open Workshop whose goal is to gather the synchronous community to discuss all aspects of synchronous specification and programming for hardware and software applications. Previous synchronous workshops have been organized in Dagstuhl, Marseille, Roscoff, and Gandia.

The workshop will start on Monday nov. 29, 10am. The organizers will come on sunday end of afternoon and will welcome the participants coming on Sunday night. Of course, the first action will be to boire un pot in typical french style. Excursion and banquet will take place on Wednesday, and we plan to end on Friday around 4pm.

There is no call-for-papers. In the previous years, the program was decided on the spot. This year, we would like part (most?) of the program to be known in advance, with a major contribution from industry. See the talk proposal button on the left (we try to keep the list up-to-date). Talks and demos by PhD students are welcomed. There will be a PC projector and overhead projectors. Good internet connections should be available.

Please register as soon as possible. To reserve a slot for a talk or a demo, please send the title and preferably the abstract by mail to

The Hotel is quite well-equipped, and the following facilities will be available - bring your gear:

Swimming pool and hammam
Kayak, pedalo
Nice tracks for rollerskate
Tennis, table tennis
Volley ball

Unfortunately, the archery will be closed. Since Pétanque is the regional National Sport, we shall organize an official Synchronous Tournament, the first price of which will be a Casio (TM) wristwatch offered by the Esterel team.

On nov. 11, G. Berry visited the banquet restaurant (La Colombe), which was really superb (burps). Let's hope it will confirm on Wednesday 1st evening, banquet time.

Finally, we plan to give a definite answer to the data flow / imperative question: we shall organize an air fight between an Airbus A340, programmed with synchronous data-flow (SAO/Lustre/Saga), and a Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter, programmed with synchronous imperative languages (Esterel / SyncCharts). The bets are open. (Notice that the jet engines of both airplanes are made by SNECMA, a company which uses Signal, which will win in any case).