7th International Colloquium on Graph Theory
ICGT '05

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The conference ICGT will be held in the VVF of Hyeres on the south end of the peninsula of Giens in front of Porquerolles island. The address of VVF is 406 rue Esterel, Giens.

There will be shuttles at Toulon/Hyeres airport waiting for the planes landing at 14h50, 17h50 and 20h15, September 11.
Buses will start at Toulon train station at 18h, 20h and 22h30, September 11. The first two buses will stop at Hyeres train station around half an hour later.


The closest airport to ICGT'05 is the airport of Hyeres/Toulon which is 8 km away from the Hotel VVF. However it is connected to very few cities and the flights are infrequent. Hence to avoid long and multiple connections or to save some money, you may prefer to land in Marseille (110 km from ICGT) or Nice (150 km). You may also land in Paris or Lyon and take the TGV (fast train) fom there. (There is a TGV station at Paris-Roissy and Lyon Airport).

Landing in Hyeres/Toulon It is directly connected to the airports of Paris Orly, London Gatwick, Ajaccio, Bastia, Brest, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Nantes and Strasbourg. Shuttles will be provided from this airport to the conference site.

Landing in Marseille There are direct flights to Marseille from several destinations in the world (mainly Europe and Africa); see the list. There are buses from Marseille Airport to Marseille St Charles train station every 20 minutes from 5:30 to 21:50. The duration of this trip is approximatively 25 minutes. From St Charles station you can find trains to Toulon or Hyeres station. See the timetable of trains from Marseille to Toulon Sunday 11th afternoon at section "By Train".

Landing in Nice Direct buses go from the Nice airport to Hyeres (and Toulon) Monday to Saturday at 10:45 and 17:30. It takes 1 hour 45 minutes to travel to Hyeres. The fare is 23 euros (15 euros if you are under 26 or over 60). Alternatively (or on sunday) you can reach the Nice train station by bus (every 30 min. approx. from 6:00 to 21:30, 4 euros) and then go to Toulon or Hyeres by train. See the timetable of trains from Nice to Toulon Sunday 11th afternoon at section "By Train".


Toulon is well connected to all the cities of France by Rail. There are direct connections from Paris (4h), Lyon (2h30), Marseille (40min) and Nice (1h45). There are also direct trains from Paris-Roissy Airport (5h) and Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport (2h20).
Hyeres station is closer from the site but for most of the journeys you will have to change in Toulon station. So if you intend to take the conference shuttle, it will be simpler to stop at Toulon Station.
You can buy your ticket or get the timetable of the trains on the SNCF website. If you buy your tickets sufficiently early, you may find discount tickets. Note that generally these tickets may not be modified or reimbursed if you do not use them.
You may also get the timetable at Die Bahn website (which tends to be more accurate than the SNCF one). Here are the timetables between Marseille and Toulon and Nice and Toulon Sunday 11th afternoon.
Marseille 15h3016h50 16h5918h03 18h3619h3020h1420h3520h40 21h3821h4923h06
Toulon 16h1017h32 18h0018h45 19h3220h2721h0821h1921h36 22h1722h4400h02

Nice 15h3515h56 16h0416h34 17h5018h3519h4120h1822h02
Toulon 17h1817h40 17h5318h25 19h5020h5221h5422h1523h66


All the roads lead to ICGT'05. You may find directions on this site. The address of the hotel VVF is 406 avenue Esterel.
Practically, once in Hyeres it is easy to find the way to VVF. You just need to follow the signs for Porquerolles. The hotel is close to the ferry harbour to this island.

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