InFormAtioN theorY: New challenges and new interdisciplinary tools.


* The kickoff meeting was held on 29-30 March at the ENST in Paris at 46 Barrault str. Click Here for the program and abstracts of the kickoff meeting. Click align="center">Here for the list of participants in the meeting.

* The members of IFANY met during the IEEE winter-school on information theory and coding which was held on 12 - 16 March 2007 at Cole sur Loup. The scsientific organization of the course was done by IFANY. A summary of the event appeared in the IEEE Information Theory Society Newsletter.

* Members of IFANY met during a three days IFANY course on Random Matrix Theory for Wireless Communications given by Prof Merouane Debbah (IFANY member). It took place on April 13-15, Limassol, Cyprus, just before the WiOpt workshop. Clikc HERE for the list of participants.

For issues related to the organisation, please contact Ephie Deriche, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France