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To demonstrate the power of Ketuk, we have provided, into the demos directory, the following working samples :

  • Restos illustrates the edition of a XML file storing the reviews of some restaurants of the Cote d'Azur area. The comments and notations are written in french but, understanding the sample does not require a deep knowledge of french. The XML document and the XSLT transformation generating a HTML view has originately been created by Benoît Mahé.
  • Books illustrates the edition of a small XML document storing several books relative to Sydney's Olympic games. This example shows an alternate way for editing a XML document holding a set of similar records. Instead of displaying all the records in a same window (as in the previous example), this demonstration displays only one book on the screen and allows a navigation between the books contained in the source document with the help of buttons.
  • Stocks is a concrete example of the use of non graphical Java Beans. The XML source document stores information about several stock quotes. By using a bean allowing the connection to a http server, stocks information are updated in real time.
  • For those familiar with the use of XSLT to transform XML documents to HTML ones, the Sales sample (which is detailed in the tutorial) constitutes a good entry point. It starts showing a typical transformation from a XML document to an HTML one. And progressively, slighly modify the XSLT rules to finally obtain an editable representation of the document composed of Java Beans components
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