26 - 28, September, 2007
INRIA Sophia Antipolis


  Invited talks
     Fabrice Rouillier
     Chee Yap
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Conventional geometric algorithms found in geometric modeling systems work with fixed precision arithmetic and numerical approximation schemes for computing intersections of curves and surfaces. That is why their functionality is impaired by rounding and approximation errors in (nearly) degenerate situations which frequently occur in practice.

In contrast, this workshop emphasizes on exactness or certified approximations, focusing on techniques guaranteeing correctness, which are based on certified numerics and certified topology; the attention is devoted to both algebraic objects and approximations for more general objects.

The workshop areas contain, but are not restricted to, the following themes:

Algorithms and data structures for shape operations
in particular arrangements of curves and surfaces, meshing and boolean operations for curved solids, optimization with quadratic constraints,...

Algebraic methods and certified numerics
in particular, algebraic numbers and dedicated solvers for a restricted class of polynomial systems that are encountered in geometric predicates and constructions.