TopSweep2d< O, SLV, X > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class O, class SLV = SlvAberth<RR>, class X = double>
struct TopSweep2d< O, SLV, X >

Definition at line 159 of file TopSweep2d.h.

Public Types

typedef O solution_t
typedef topology::point< double > point_t
typedef MatrDse< double > m_solution_t
typedef Seq< VectDse< double > > b_solution_t
typedef MPol< QQ > equation_t
typedef Seq< RR > u_solution_t

Public Member Functions

 TopSweep2d ()
 TopSweep2d (const X &e)
 TopSweep2d (int n)
 TopSweep2d (const TopSweep2d &mth)
template<class POL>
u_solution_t u_solve (const POL &p)
template<class POL, class C>
bool IsGeneric1 (const POL &p, const C &alpha, const C &beta)
template<class POL, class C>
bool IsGeneric2 (const POL &p, const C &alpha, const C &beta, int k)
template<class C, class POL>
void add_regular_y (Seq< C > &S, const POL &p, const C &alpha)
template<class C, class POL>
void add_regular_point (projection::list_X_Y< C > &L, const projection::list_X_Y< C > &L0, const POL &p, unsigned N=1)
template<class GAMMAS, class STURMSEQ>
bool isgeneric (GAMMAS &Gammas, STURMSEQ &SH)
template<class C, class POL>
bool insert_char_points (projection::list_X_Y< C > &L, const POL &p1, const POL &p2, bool both=false)
template<class GRAPH, class C>
void connect (GRAPH &g, const projection::list_X_Y< C > &L)

Public Attributes

unsigned nbpt

Member Function Documentation

template<class O, class SLV = SlvAberth<RR>, class X = double>
template<class C, class POL>
void TopSweep2d< O, SLV, X >::add_regular_point ( projection::list_X_Y< C > &  L,
const projection::list_X_Y< C > &  L0,
const POL &  p,
unsigned  N = 1 

Insert in L, the critical sections L0 and N regular sections of p between the critical values of L0.

Definition at line 216 of file TopSweep2d.h.

References TopSweep2d< O, SLV, X >::add_regular_y(), let::convert(), projection::list_X_Y< C >::I, Seq< C, R >::push_back(), Seq< C, R >::resize(), Seq< C, R >::size(), projection::list_X_Y< C >::X, and projection::list_X_Y< C >::Y.

Referenced by topology::assign().

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