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Detailed Description

template<class R>
struct MatrStr< R >

Structured matrices. These are matrices which have the arithmetic operations of the vectors, that is +, +=, -, -=, and multiplication by scalars. The elements of indices (i,j) can be read but not modified, because they can be related to each other. Similarly, read-only access to rows and columns are provided. Multiplication by vectors is allowed but the product of two structured matrices will not yield a structured matrix (at least of the same type). Typical examples are symmetric, band, Toeplitz, Hankel, matrices.

Definition at line 34 of file MatrStr.h.

Public Types

typedef VectDse< typename
R::value_type > 
typedef vector_type col_type
typedef vector_type row_type
typedef R::size_type size_type
typedef R::value_type value_type
typedef MatrStr< R > self_t
typedef binary_operator_prototype<
linalg::_submatrix_, self_t,
Range2d >::F 

Public Member Functions

R & rep ()
rep () const
 MatrStr ()
 MatrStr (const R &r)
 MatrStr (int m, int n)
 MatrStr (int m, int n, value_type *t)
 MatrStr (unsigned m, unsigned n, char *t)
 MatrStr (const self_t &M)
self_toperator= (const self_t &M)
template<class X>
self_toperator= (const X &M)
size_type nbrow () const
size_type nbcol () const
value_type operator() (size_type i, size_type j) const
submatrix_t operator() (const Range &I, const Range &J)
template<class X>
self_toperator+= (const X &x)
template<class X>
self_toperator-= (const X &x)
template<class X>
self_toperator *= (const X &x)
self_ttranspose ()

Public Attributes

shared_object< R > data

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