shared_object< R > Class Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class R>
class shared_object< R >

Definition at line 24 of file shared_object.h.

Public Types

typedef R element_type
typedef R object_type
typedef R * iterator
typedef const R * const_iterator

Public Member Functions

void leave ()
void divorce ()
template<class P0>
 shared_object (P0 a)
template<class P0, class P1>
 shared_object (P0 a, P1 b)
template<class P0, class P1, class P2>
 shared_object (P0 a, P1 b, P2 c)
template<class P0, class P1, class P2, class P3>
 shared_object (P0 a, P1 b, P2 c, P3 d)
 shared_object ()
 shared_object (const R &obj_arg)
 shared_object (const shared_object &s)
 shared_object (rep *s)
 ~shared_object ()
shared_objectoperator= (const shared_object &s)
void swap (shared_object &s2)
iterator operator-> ()
R & operator * ()
const_iterator operator-> () const
const R & operator * () const
int ref () const
int ref ()

Public Attributes



struct  rep

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