MPolDse< C, R > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class C, class R = mpoldse::monomial<C>>
struct MPolDse< C, R >

Interface for multivariate dense polynomials. The type R is the representation of the polynomial (eg. in monomial or bernstein basis). The type C is the coefficient type of the polynomial.

Definition at line 19 of file MPolDse.h.

Public Types

typedef C value_type
typedef C coeff_t
typedef R::size_type size_type
typedef R rep_type
typedef R::iterator iterator
typedef R::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef MPolDse< C, R > self_t

Public Member Functions

R & rep ()
const R & rep () const
 MPolDse (int nvr, const int *szs, const int *vrs)
 MPolDse (const C &x=0)
template<class O, class E>
 MPolDse (const MPol< C, O, E > &mpol)
 MPolDse (const char *s)
template<class X>
 MPolDse (const X &x)
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
bool operator== (const C &c) const
bool operator== (const MPolDse &mp) const
MPolDseoperator= (const char *name)
template<class X>
MPolDseoperator= (const X &x)
template<class O, class E>
MPolDseoperator= (const MPol< C, O, E > &mpol)
template<class X>
MPolDseoperator+= (const X &x)
MPolDseoperator+= (const MPolDse &)
MPolDseoperator+= (const C &)
template<class X>
MPolDseoperator-= (const X &x)
MPolDseoperator-= (const MPolDse &)
MPolDseoperator-= (const C &)
template<class X>
MPolDseoperator *= (const X &x)
MPolDseoperator *= (const C &)
MPolDseoperator *= (const MPolDse &)
const int * vrs () const
const int * szs () const
int nvars () const
int nvr () const
int varid (int i) const
const C & operator[] (int i) const
C & operator[] (int i)

Public Attributes

shared_object< R > data

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