Cell3dN< N, C, MP > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<int N, class C = double, class MP = MPolDse<C, mpoldse::bernstein<C> >>
struct Cell3dN< N, C, MP >

Definition at line 71 of file Cell3dN.h.

Public Types

typedef C coeff_t
typedef topology::box3d< coeff_tbox_t
typedef MP MPOL_T
typedef Cell3dN< N, C, MP > cell_t
typedef Cell3dN< N, C, MP > self_t
typedef intersection3d< C > intersection_t
typedef Seq< intersection3d<
C > * > 
typedef shared_object< intersection_t * > intersection_ptr
typedef Seq< intersection_ptrintersection_ptr_list
typedef topology::point_graph<
C, intersection_ptr_list

Public Member Functions

 Cell3dN ()
 Cell3dN (const coeff_t &a0, const coeff_t &b0, const coeff_t &a1, const coeff_t &b1, const coeff_t &a2, const coeff_t &b2)
 Cell3dN (const cell_t &c)
self_toperator= (const cell_t &c)
int nbpol () const
void assign (const cell_t &)
void mergelist (intersectionlist_t &dstlist, const intersectionlist_t &srclist)
void merge_inside (intersectionlist_t &dstlist, const intersectionlist_t &srclist)
virtual void setBox (const C &a0, const C &b0, const C &a1, const C &b1, const C &a2, const C &b2)
virtual bool testsize (coeff_t epsilon)
bool containsVariety (unsigned i) const
template<class POINT>
bool contains_point (const POINT &pt) const

Public Attributes

box_t m_cBox
MPOL_T m_F [N]
bool m_aFaceComputed [6]
int m_nDepth
int m_nRegularIdx
intersectionlist_t m_aInterList

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