GRASTA 2022 will be held in Porquerolles island, France, at the I.G.E.S.A. center.

Shuttles are organized between Nice airport and Porquerolles. It will include bus (Nice - tour Fondue) and boat (between tour Fondue and Porquerolles). Please arrive a bit in advance (the schedules may be tight depending on the traffic)
  • 16th May 2022: One shuttle from Nice train station -> Nice airport -> Hyères train station -> Porquerolles
    • Departure at 10:30 from Nice main train station (Nice-ville, Avenue Thiers, 06008 Nice);
    • Departure at 11:00 from Nice airport (Terminal 2);
    • The bus will pass at Hyères train station between 12:45 and 13:30 (the time will depend on the traffic between Nice and Hyères);
    • A snack will be provided after the arrival of the bus at Tour Fondue and before the boat departure;
    • The boat departure (at Tour Fondue) will be at 14:30.
  • 20th May 2022: One shuttle from Porquerolles to Nice train station (after lunch)
    • The boat departure (from Porquerolles) will be at 14:00

Porquerolles Island (or Hyères islands, iles d'Hyères) is twenty minutes by boat from the Tour Fondue Harbor. The company TLV/TVM ensures the maritime connection between the port of the Tour Fondue and Porquerolles. The schedules and fees are available online.

By Plane

The closest airports are

By Train

The closest train stations are the ones of Hyère (40 minutes by bus to Tour Fondue) and Toulon (1h45 by bus to Tour Fondue).

By Car

There are several parkings at Tour Fondue, see here to book online.


Hôtel Club IGESA
Rue de la Douane
Ile de Porquerolles
83400 HYERES
Phone: +33 4 94 12 31 80
Fax.: +33 4 94 58 32 47
GPS: 43.000402,6.205076