GRASTA 2022 will be held in Porquerolles island, France, at the I.G.E.S.A. center.

[GRASTA 2022]
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[GRASTA 2022]
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Graph searching involves a team of mobile agents (called searchers or pursuers or cops) that aims at capturing a set of escaping agents (called evaders or fugitives or robbers) that hide in a network modelled by a graph.
There are many variants of graph searching studied in the literature, often referred to as a pursuit-evasion game or cops and robbers game.

These variants are either application driven, i.e. motivated by problems in practice, or are inspired by foundational issues in Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, and Artificial Inteligence, including:
  • Information Seeking
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Graph Theory
  • Database Theory and Robber and Marshals Games
  • Logic
  • Distributed Computing
  • Models of Computation
  • Routing in Telecommunication Networks
  • Network Security
More about Graph searching here.

GRASTA aims at bringing together various researchers and research groups working with problems related to Graph Searching both from the applied and the theoretical point of view.

Previous editions

This workshop will be the 10th edition of a fruitful stream of meetings in Anogia (Oct. 2006), Redonda (Feb. 2008), Valtice (Oct. 2009), Dagstuhl (Feb. 2011), Banff (Oct. 2012), Cargèse (April 2014), Montréal (Oct. 2015), Anogia (April 2017) and Berlin (Sept. 2018).

Scientific Comittee

Organizing Comittee

  • Corinne Jullien-Haddad, Université Côte d'Azur, CNRS, I3S, France
  • Nicolas Nisse, Université Côte d'Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S, France
  • Dimitrios M. Thilikos, LIRMM, CNRS, Universit√© Montpellier, France