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ChIR : Surgery, Computer Science and Robotics

P R O J E C T S , C O L L A B O R A T I O N S   &   C O N T R A C T S


2002 :

National Regional Contract

ChIR is in charge of the development of an experimental master console with two force feedback devices, plugged to a robot assisted surgery simulator and an optical tracker.

COLOR of Inria-Sophia with Nice C.H.U.

Pecker Collaboration with the Nice C.H.U.

2002/2003 :

RNRT, VTHD++ Project

ChIR is in charge of the surgical gesture telelearning with haptic simulation, constrained motions and shared use of the robot slave part.

the VTHD project homepage

The surgical gesture telelearning (under construction...)

2000/2001 :

RNRT, VTHD Project

ChIR is in charge of the medical white board part and the supervision aspects in telesurgery. In this frame, a 2.5Gigabits network links the Hopital Europen Georges Pompidou, Paris and the lab at Sophia-Antipolis.

2001/2002 :

RNTS, EndoXirob Project

In the frame of the development of a teleoperated robot in laparoscopic surgery (2 years), ChIR addresses the problem of the haptic simulation with constrained motions and the haptically augmented reality.

the EndoXiroB project homepage

1999-2002 :

``Téléchirurgie'' Project

The ChIR team is prime of the ``Téléchirurgie'' project composed of computer science groups (Epidaure, Prisme, Robotvis at Inria Sophia), medical (Alain Carpentier at Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou) and industrial (General Electric Medical System) teams.

2001-2004 :

Industrial partnership with General Electric Medical Systems on the 4D modeling of coronary arteries.