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ChIR : Surgery, Computer Science and Robotics

R E S E A R C H   T H E M E S



modeling of deformable organs

coronary artery tree

planning and simulation of robotic procedures


augmented reality


safe integration and real time

experimental setup


Eve Coste-Maniere can be contacted here : evereve@mac.com

ChIR is a research team at INRIA, working in the area of robotics surgery. The scientific objectives of the team (surgeons and computer science research scientists) are twofold:

  • perform fundamental research in the key areas of robotics surgery: modeling of deformable organs, planning and simulation of robotics procedures and safe & real-time integration with enhanced reality.

  • demonstrate the validity of these pieces of theory by experimentation about concrete problems in heart surgery and by developping algorithms in cooperation with industrial partners.

Today, these research are performed in collaboration with Pr. Alain Carpentier's heart surgery team, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (France) & Pr. Friedrich and Volkmar Falk's Cardiac surgery team of the Herzzentrum Leipzig (Germany). The Epidaure (Medical Imaging), Prisme (Algorithmical Geometry), Odyssee (Computer Vision) research teams at INRIA Sophia Antipolis provide scientific feedback.