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ChIR : Surgery, Computer Science and Robotics

M O D E L I N G   O F   D E F O R M A B L E   O R G A N S


To simulate and plan robotic procedures, we propose methods for generating patient specific anatomically correct 3D and 3D+Time models.
Our inter-model approach combines information from different imaging modalities: CT, MRI and X-ray coronarography.

Our methods include:

    - Semi-interactive and automatic segmentation of 2D arteries centerlines

    - Stereoscopic reconstruction of 3D arteries centerlines

    - Fitting of dynamic model of coronary arteries
    - Tomographic reconstruction of coronary arteries

    - Fusion of angiography and CT/MRI data

For example, dynamic models of the coronary trees can be reconstructed from biplane angiogram projections or from rotational angiogram projections.

Segmentation of coronaries in biplane X-Ray projections (view mpg)

3D Reconstruction (view VRML)

Soft tissue structures and bones can be reconstructed from MRI and CT images (view mpg).

MRI of the heart

3D+Time Reconstruction