Publications by Manuel Bronstein

Books and book chapters

  1. Symbolic Integration, in the Computer Algebra Handbook, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2003, 94-96.

  2. Differential Algebra and Differential Equations, M. Bronstein & W. Sit (Editors), Special Issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation 28, 1999.

  3. Symbolic Rewriting Techniques, M. Bronstein, J. Grabmeier & V. Weispfenning (Editors), Progress in Computer Science and Applied Logic 15, Birkhauser-Verlag, Basel, 1998.

  4. Symbolic Integration 1 - Transcendental Functions, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics 1, M. Bronstein, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 1997.

  5. Proceedings of ISSAC'93, M. Bronstein (Editor), ACM Press, New York, 1993.

Journal and conference papers


  1. Picard-Vessiot extensions for linear functional systems (with Z.Li & M.Wu), Proceedings of ISSAC'2005, ACM Press, in press.


  2. Linear recurrences with polynomial coefficients (with P.Solé), Journal of Complexity 20, 171-181.


  3. A reduction for regular differential systems (with B.M.Trager), Proceedings of MEGA'2003, CD-ROM.


  4. Solutions of linear ordinary differential equations in terms of special functions (with S.Lafaille), Proceedings of ISSAC'2002, ACM Press, 23-28 (pdf).


  5. On Solutions of Linear Functional Systems (with S.A.Abramov), Proceedings of ISSAC'2001, ACM Press, 1-6 (ps, Errata).

  6. Computer Algebra Algorithms for Linear Ordinary Differential and Difference equations, Proceedings of the third European Congress of Mathematics, vol.II, Progress in Mathematics 202, Birkhauser, 105-119.


  7. Hypergeometric dispersion and the orbit problem (with S.A.Abramov), Proceedings of ISSAC'2000, ACM Press, 8-13 (ps).

  8. Solutions of Linear Ordinary Difference Equations in their Coefficient Field, Journal of Symbolic Computation 29, 841-877.


  9. Solving linear ordinary differential equations over C(x,e^(int f(x)dx)) (with A.Fredet), Proceedings of ISSAC'99, ACM Press, 173-179 (dvi, ps).

  10. Fast Deterministic Computation of Determinants of Dense Matrices (with J.Abbott & T.Mulders), Proceedings of ISSAC'99, ACM Press, 197-204 (ps).


  11. On Symmetric Powers of Differential Operators (with T.Mulders & J.A.Weil), Proceedings of ISSAC'97, ACM Press, 156-163 (dvi, ps).


  12. SUM-IT: A strongly-typed embeddable computer algebra library, Proceedings of DISCO'96, Springer LNCS 1128, 22-33.

  13. An Introduction to Pseudo-Linear Algebra (with M.Petkovsek), Theoretical Computer Science 157, 3-33.

  14. On the Factorisation of Linear Ordinary Differential Operators, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 42, 387-389.


  15. On Polynomial Solutions of Linear Operator Equations (with S.A.Abramov & M.Petkovsek), Proceedings of ISSAC'95, ACM Press, 290-296 (dvi, ps).


  16. An improved algorithm for factoring linear ordinary differential operators, Proceedings of ISSAC'94, ACM Press, 336-340.

  17. On Ore Rings, Linear Operators and Factorisation (with M.Petkovsek), Programming and Computer Software 20, 14-26.

  18. Some effective methods in pseudo-linear algebra, Proceedings of MEGA'94, Progress in Mathematics 143, Birkhauser, 105-113.


  19. Full Partial Fraction Decomposition of Rational Functions (with B.Salvy), Proceedings of ISSAC'93, ACM Press, 157-160.


  20. On Solutions of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations in their Coefficient Field, Journal of Symbolic Computation 13, 413-439.

  21. Integration and Differential Equations in Computer Algebra , Programming and Computer Software 18, 201-217.

  22. Linear Ordinary Differential Equations: breaking through the order 2 barrier, Proceedings of ISSAC'92, ACM Press, 42-48 (dvi, ps).

  23. Formulas for Series Computations, Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 2, 195-205.


  24. The Risch Differential Equation on an Algebraic Curve, Proceedings of ISSAC'91, ACM Press, 241-246.

  25. Computer Algebra and Indefinite Integrals, Computer Aided Proofs in Analysis IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications 28, Springer-Verlag, 33-42.


  26. A Unification of Liouvillian Extensions, Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 1, 5-24.

  27. Integration of Elementary Functions, Journal of Symbolic Computation 9, 117-173.

  28. The Transcendental Risch Differential Equation, Journal of Symbolic Computation 9, 49-60.


  29. Simplification of Real Elementary Functions, Proceedings of ISSAC'89, ACM Press, 207-211.

  30. Symbolic Integration: towards Practical Algorithms, Computer Algebra and Differential Equations (E. Tournier, Editor), Academic Press, 59-85.


  31. Fast Reduction of the Risch Differential Equation, Proceedings of ISSAC'88, Springer LNCS 358, 64-72.


  32. An Algorithm for the Integration of Elementary Functions, Proceedings of EUROCAL'87, Springer LNCS 378, 491-497.


  33. Gsolve: A Faster Algorithm for Solving Systems of Algebraic Equations, Proceedings of SYMSAC'86, ACM Press, 247-249.

Course notes and Technical reports


  1. Symbolic Integration Tutorial, Course notes of an ISSAC'98 tutorial.

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