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Publications about Generalised Gaussians

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1 - SAR amplitude probability density function estimation based on a generalized Gaussian model.
G. Moser and J. Zerubia and S.B. Serpico. IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 15(6): pages 1429-1442, June 2006.
Keywords : SAR Images, Generalised Gaussians, Mellin transform.
Copyright : IEEE

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2 Technical and Research Reports
1 - SAR Amplitude Probability Density Function Estimation based on a Generalized Gaussian Scattering Model.
G. Moser and J. Zerubia and S.B. Serpico. Research Report 5153, INRIA, France, March 2004.
Keywords : Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Generalised Gaussians.
2 - Gamma-Convergence of Discrete Functionals with non Convex Perturbation for Image Classification.
G. Aubert and L. Blanc-Féraud and R. March. Research Report 4560, Inria, France, September 2002.
Keywords : Generalised Gaussians, Classification, Regularization.

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