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Publications ~ 3D confocal microscopy Sunday, July 14th 2024, 23:03

Publications about 3D confocal microscopy

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2 Conference articles
1 - Formulation contrainte pour la déconvolution de bruit de Poisson.
M. Carlavan and L. Blanc-Féraud. In Proc. GRETSI Symposium on Signal and Image Processing, Bordeaux, France, September 2011.
Keywords : 3D confocal microscopy, constrained convex optimization, discrepancy principle, Poisson noise.
2 - A deconvolution method for confocal microscopy with total variation regularization.
N. Dey and L. Blanc-Féraud and C. Zimmer and Z. Kam and J.C. Olivo-Marin and J. Zerubia. In Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Arlington, USA, April 2004.
Keywords : 3D confocal microscopy, Poisson deconvolution, total variation regularization.

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Technical and Research Report
1 - Complex wavelet regularization for 3D confocal microscopy deconvolution.
M. Carlavan and L. Blanc-Féraud. Research Report 7366, INRIA, August 2010.
Keywords : 3D confocal microscopy, Deconvolution, complex wavelet regularization, discrepancy principle, Alternating Direction technique.

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