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Publications about Parameter estimation

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1 - Unsupervised parallel image classification using Markovian models.
Z. Kato and J. Zerubia and M. Berthod. Pattern Recognition, 32(4): pages 591-604, 1999.
Keywords : Markov random field model, Hierarchical model, Parameter estimation, Parallel unsupervised image classification.

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Conference article
1 - Regularizing parameter estimation for Poisson noisy image restoration.
M. Carlavan and L. Blanc-Féraud. In International ICST Workshop on New Computational Methods for Inverse Problems, Paris, France, May 2011.
Keywords : Parameter estimation, discrepancy principle, Poisson noise.

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Technical and Research Report
1 - On the Method of Logarithmic Cumulants for Parametric Probability Density Function Estimation.
V. Krylov and G. Moser and S.B. Serpico and J. Zerubia. Research Report 7666, INRIA, July 2011.
Keywords : Probability density function, Parameter estimation, generalized gamma distribution, K-distribution, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Classification.
Copyright : INRIA/ARIANA

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