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Publications about SAR Images

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4 Articles
1 - SAR Image Filtering Based on the Heavy-Tailed Rayleigh Model.
A. Achim and E.E. Kuruoglu and J. Zerubia. IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 15(9): pages 2686-2693, September 2006.
Keywords : SAR Images.
2 - SAR amplitude probability density function estimation based on a generalized Gaussian model.
G. Moser and J. Zerubia and S.B. Serpico. IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 15(6): pages 1429-1442, June 2006.
Keywords : SAR Images, Generalised Gaussians, Mellin transform.
Copyright : IEEE
3 - Dictionary-Based Stochastic Expectation-Maximization for SAR Amplitude Probability Density Function Estimation.
G. Moser and J. Zerubia and S.B. Serpico. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 44(1): pages 188-200, January 2006.
Keywords : SAR Images, Stochastic EM (SEM), Dictionary.
Copyright : IEEE
4 - Detecting codimension-two objects in an image with Ginzburg-Landau models.
G. Aubert and J.F. Aujol and L. Blanc-Féraud. International Journal of Computer Vision, 65(1-2): pages 29-42, November 2005.
Keywords : Ginzburg-Landau model, Point Detection, Segmentation, PDE, Biological images, SAR Images.

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2 Conference articles
1 - Classification bayésienne supervisée d’images RSO de zones urbaines à très haute résolution.
A. Voisin and V. Krylov and J. Zerubia. In Proc. GRETSI Symposium on Signal and Image Processing, Bordeaux, September 2011.
Keywords : SAR Images, Classification, Urban areas, Markov Fields, Hierarchical models.
2 - Classification of very high resolution SAR images of urban areas by dictionary-based mixture models, copulas and Markov random fields using textural features.
A. Voisin and G. Moser and V. Krylov and S.B. Serpico and J. Zerubia. In Proc. of SPIE (SPIE Symposium on Remote Sensing 2010), Vol. 7830, Toulouse, France, September 2010.
Keywords : SAR Images, Supervised classification, Urban areas, Textural features, Copulas, Markov Random Fields.
Copyright : SPIE

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