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MOdels for Unified Multimedia Information Retrieval

plus Abstract :

The MOdels for Unified Multimedia Information Retrieval (MOUMIR) project began in April 2000. It is a 5th Framework project funded by the EU to a value of 1.5 M Euros over three years in the first instance. The project involves eight prestigious institutions around Europe as shown at the bottom of this page. In addition, several industrial research laboratories are associated with the network. The principal objective is to develop a unified framework for the retrieval of information from unorganized databases. This implies the development of new parametric models for multimedia data records which combine information from audio, video and text data streams. The project research areas span a wide range from image and video segmentation to signal separation and speaker identification as well as work on information retrieval interfaces.

plus Active member :
Josiane Zerubia icone mail fiche publis

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Project webpage

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