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The team ~ Radu Stoica Thursday, May 30th 2024, 02:22

Radu Stoica

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Former PhD Student

motcle Keywords : Stochastic Geometry, MCMC, Parameter Estimation, Object extraction, Roads
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plus Last publications in Ariana Research Group :
A Gibbs point process for road extraction in remotely sensed images.
R. Stoica and X. Descombes and J. Zerubia. International Journal of Computer Vision, 57(2): pages 121--136, 2004.
An application of marked point process to the extraction of linear networks for images.
R. Stoica and X. Descombes and M.N.M. Van Lieshout and J. Zerubia. In Spatial statitics through applications, Publ. WITPress, 2002.
Keywords : Line networks, Road network, Object extraction, Satellite images, Marked point process.
Parameter estimation by a Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique for the Candy-model.
X. Descombes and M.N.M. van Lieshout and R. Stoica and J. Zerubia. In IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, papier invité, Singapour, August 2001.
publis All publications in Ariana Research Group
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