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4th Step : Results analysis

The aim of this step is to validate the matching and to qualify the different errors.

Several typical cases can occur:

M(0, 1) : One unmatched map  section ($\cal C$) section,

M(1, 0) : One unmatched image section ($\cal I$) section,

M(1, 1) : One section of $\cal I$matched with one section of $\cal C$,

M(1, c) : One section of $\cal I$matched with several sections of $\cal C$,

M(i, 1) :  one section of $\cal C$matched with several sections of $\cal I$,

M(i, c) : i sections of $\cal I$ matched with c sections of $\cal C$.

The results are studied on sections namely between two road crossing (most important points of a road network).

Christine Hivernat & Xavier Descombes

 November 1998