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Dedale-HF is distributed under a particular license, allowing unlimited usage for academic research purposes. For details please have a look at the license policy.

For any other usage, like a commercial or indutrial one, please contact us.

Requirements: The Matlab kernel R13 version 6.5 or later is needed to run Dedale-HF.

I agree with the terms of the license policy

Choose the matlab p-code version most likely to be compatible with your matlab kernel:

Matlab R13 pcode
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History of Dedale-HF releases

1.3c: Fixed minor "warnings" problem

1.3b: Fixed a small bug in function ComputeCMs that caused improper error message when the arguments of the function were improper

1.3: Improvement of the efficiency for the computation of the Jacobian: gained an average speedup factor of 2 for function ComputeCMs, Added the possibility to specify a Q quality factor as argument of the functions PlotFilter and PlotGroupDelay

1.2: Improved precision for the intial realisation (canonical form) of filters responses of high order (>12)

1.1: Made the PlotFiler and PlotGroupDelay functions indenpedant of the control matlab toolbox