Workshop on Knowledge Management and Semantic Web for Engineering Design

In conjunction with K-CAP 2007
28th October 2007
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Technical Paper Submission Guidelines

Contributions must be submitted by email to "kw4ed AT"

Submissions must be in postscript or pdf format.

Microsoft Word users please prepare your paper using the K-CAP Microsoft Word template.

LaTeX users please use the K-CAP class file, sigproc-KCAPsample.tex example template file, sigproc.bib example bibtex file used by sigproc-KCAPsample.tex, and example pdf of sigproc-KCAPsample.tex.

Papers are intended to be no more than 15, unnumbered (please remove the numbering for camera ready), "US-letter" size pages.

In extension: by using a 10-point Times Roman font for the main body text. All material on each page should fit within a rectangle of 18x23.5 cm (7"x9.25"), centered on the page, beginning 1.9 cm (.75") from the top of the page and ending with 2.54 cm (1") from the bottom. The right and left margins should be 1.9 cm (.75"). The text should be in two 8.45 cm (3.33") columns with a .83 cm (.33") gutter. Specific instructions for titles, headings, graphics and tables appear in the template files.