SIOC-Argumentation Extended Vocabulary

To provide a further semantic machine readable representation of our argumentative discussions, we decide to not introduce yet another argumentation vocabulary, but we reuse the SIOC Argumentation vocabulary [RDF] which is focused on the fine-grained representation of discussions and argumentations in online communities.

We extend the SIOC Argumentation vocabulary [RDF] with two new properties sioc_arg:challengesArg and sioc_arg:supportsArg whose range and domain are sioc_arg:Argument. These properties represent challenges and supports from arguments to arguments, as required in abstract bipolar argumentation theory.


The XML/RDF format adopted in NoDE relies on the SIOC-Argumentation extended vocabulary. Each argument is a sioc_arg:Argument, and the two relations of support and attack are respectively characterized by the properties sioc_arg:supportsArg and sioc_arg:challengesArg (respectively mapped on the entailment and non entailment relations).

An example from the Twelve Angry Men XML/RDF dataset is as follows:

<> rdf:type sioc_arg:Argument ; sioc:content "Ever since he was five years old his father beat him up regularly. He used his fists." ; sioc_arg:challengesArg <> . <> rdf:type sioc_arg:Argument ; sioc:content "Look at the kid’s record. At fifteen he was in reform school. He stole a car. He was picked up for knife-fighting. I think they said he stabbed somebody in the arm. This is a very fine boy." .

Debatepedia / ProCon dataset

Debatepedia (test, training, extended) / ProCon RDF (Turtle syntax) dataset

[download (.zip)]

260 pairs (140 supports, 120 attacks, 22 bipolar argumentation graphs)
K = 0.7 (2 annotators, 100 pairs)

Twelve Angry Men dataset

Twelve Angry Men RDF (Turtle syntax) dataset

[download (.zip)]

80 pairs (25 supports, 55 attacks, 3 bipolar argumentation graphs)
K = 0.74 (2 annotators, 40 pairs)

Wikipedia dataset

Wikipedia revision history RDF (Turtle syntax) dataset

[download (.zip)]

452 pairs (215 supports, 237 attacks, 416 bipolar argumentation graphs)
K = 0.7 (2 annotators, 140 pairs)

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