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Modelling, study, optimisation and monitoring of artificial ecosystems for bioenergy production and waste treatment: microalgae for biofuel, methane from waste with anaerobic digestion. . The benefit of these innovative processes are estimated through Life Cycle assessment.

I work with dynamical models based on ordinary differential equations (ODE). The models are designed from an iterative process involving experiments in computer driven bioreactors.

The models are used to design software sensors (or observers), fault detection algorithms and control strategies to improve the process reliability and performance. Finally, these algorithms are implemented in the ODIN software for advanced control.

The core of my activities rely on methods recently developed in the nonlinear control science field.



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HDR dissertation

(January 2004)


 PhD thesis

(December 1995)

" The modelling of biological systems: routes between the long rivers circulating relating the ocean of the real and the lac of the models"



"Theoretical and experimental study of the growth of Dunaliella tertiolecta (chlorophyceae) submitted to a variable nitrate limitation: use of transient dynamics for model design and validation "