Coordinations :


         ANR Purple Sun (2013-2016): Development of innovative positive energy (using semi-transparent photovoltaic panels) production processes for microalgae production.


         ARC Nautilus (2011-2012): understand and model the coupling between hydrodynamics and microalgae photosynthesis.


         ANR Shamash (2006-2010): production of lipid biofuel from microalgae.


         ADT ODIN (2005-2013): software for remote control and supervision of bioreactors (anaerobic digesters, photobioreactors, bioreactors, )


         FP5 TELEMAC (2001-2004): advanced remote monitoring and optimisation of anaerobic digesters



Participations :


         FUI-Salinalgue (2011-2015) : use endemic microalgae species in areas of high salinity (previously used to produce salt) to produce both

         biofuel (either lipid based or methane) and co-products.

         ANR-Facteur 4 (2012-2015): propose non GMO strains of microalgae with enhanced performance. Directed selection of microalgae with interesting properties from an industrial point of view.


         ANR-Symbiose (2009-2012): improve the energetic balance of biofuel microalgal productions and recycle nitrogen and phosphorus. The project proposes to study the coupling between a microalgal production system and an anaerobic digester.





Industrial collaborations:


        EADS, PSA, Fermentalg, La compagnie du vent, EDF, Lafarge, Rhodia,



  Olivier BERNARD